Who wins the Ticket to the Grand Finale?

The stakes are high in this game of Chor-Police in Bigg Boss house

As Puneesh Sharma and Luv Tyagi emerged victorious in the Race to Mount BB, they are now up against each other in the ultimate task – The Ticket to the Grand Finale. With ‘Complication’ being the middle name of this game, Bigg Boss brings in a major twist that takes the gharwale by surprise. The task between Puneesh and Luv will have a direct impact on the final prize money of the season.

The living area of the Bigg Boss house is turned into a museum where monuments and artefacts worth (fake) INR 25 Lakhs have been placed. Taking turns, Puneesh and Luv have to be the Chors who have to rob the museum, while the rest of the contestants are the Police on duty. Hina Khan has been chosen as the sanchalak of this task. Between Puneesh and Luv, whoever is successful in stealing goods worth more than INR 13 Lakhs wins the Ticket to the Grand Finale! But a twist ensues – the total amount of goodies stolen from the lot will be deducted from the final prize money of the show.

Today, we will also see Puneesh and Shilpa resolve the differences that came up between them during the Mount BB task. He apologizes for saying that it is Commoners v/s Celebrities in the show and regrets his choice of words.

As the contestants don their Police Avatar, Shilpa Shinde passes a comment on the Chors – Puneesh and Luv – and implies that they should pick up the artefact and hit the police with it. Puneesh loses his cool and feels that Shilpa passed such a comment only because she feels the commoners need the money. As the task starts, Puneesh tries his hardest to steal the good and get past the security guards. As Luv’s turn approaches, in a bid to steal the monument, his aggression takes over and he ends up hurting himself!

Who wins the Ticket to the Grand Finale?

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