Kundali Bhagya and fun behind the scenes


Most of the popular couples on Indian TV have epic romances, whether it is Abhi-Pragya’s 20 year-long relationship on Kumkum Bhagya or Karan-Preeta’s short-lived marriage in Kundali Bhagya. They all remind us of those people we never want to be around. In short, too much happens in the Zee TV universe and we understand it can sometimes be hard to keep up!

The two started with a love-hate relationship, what with Karan being an arrogant flirt and Preeta, your quintessential sweet, small-town girl. Naturally, as soon as they meet they can’t stand each other. But among their silly fights and arguments, the two, of course, start falling in love with each other.

In an interview, when asked Dheeraj who is most likely to do something crazy in public, Dheeraj struggles to come up with a name. It is because he feels everyone on the set is a little bit crazy. He also adds that since he is crazy it is hard for him to know if what someone else is doing is weird or not.

We all know at the end all patch things up. So does Karan and Preeta. Now they are madly in love with each other. We brought some BTS from Kundali Bhagya which shows all off-screen mastii by fellow actors, take a look.

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