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When Sriti brought her poetic side in front of all

Sriti Jha Tells Us What She Wants In Her Love Life

It’s funny how most of the fans just take a TV actor for that they are on the screen and not what they might be as a person. Something similar happened with TV actress Sriti Jha, who rose to fame with her much-loved character named ‘Pragya.’
It was only after her poem about being a lesbian at Spoken Fest went viral, everyone learned about her philosophical and poetic side. Now yet again, the talented star came up with a new poem for the same stage where she proudly says, ‘I am asexual’ at Spoken Fest Mumbai 2020.

It is endearing when actors go beyond their said-profession through their hobbies. Sriti has a degree in English Literature and has immense love for the well-written pieces. On the other hand, Spoken Fest is like a second home for all the young poets and storytellers who aspire to put forward their thoughts. The actress and the platform had to match perfectly! Well, this was one wonderful poem by Sriti and laud-worthy too!

The actress has always been straight forward about her thoughts through her poetic phrases. This time she recited a poem about being asexual. In her poetry, she narrates her experiences of falling in love and her thoughts on sex. She explained the side of those who are asexual and humbly urged to not try to change them or ‘fix’ them for they are as complete as everyone else.

The audience was visibly happy with her recital. Also, she promoted the rights of the LGBT community and said it’s alright to love a man or woman or both, they have their own choice and it isn’t who we made them, they were born different.

Check out the video below.

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