Vidhi ‘Imli’ Pandya bids adieu to Colors’ Udaan

Vidhi Pandya will be moving out of the show Colors’ Udaan very soon. Read for details.

Vidhi ‘Imli’ Pandya bids adieu to Colors’ Udaan

Colors’ popular show Udaan produced by Guroudev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada will see a major development with Imli’s character bidding adieu to the series.

Yes, you heard it right!!

Vidhi Pandya as we know has been playing the character of Imli. She has always played various shades to her character in the series. Now, she has finally decided to move out of the show.

We buzzed Imli but could not get through to her.

Producer Guroudev Bhalla confirmed and shared, “Vidhi is exiting from the show. We had a wonderful experience in the show with her. Vidhi has given life to the character of Imli with her performance. She has given her best in these three years. We have left Imli’s character open-ended; so let’s see what future hold for this role.”

We also texted the channel spokesperson but did not get revert.

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Later Vidhi replied, “It’s been a wonderful journey of 3 years. I started working on the show on 14/02/2016 and ended on 9/02/2019. I have got various amount of shades to play, the makers have been very kind towards me. I thank the audience for hating & loving me equally. I explored the character of Imli and it is the correct time to call it a quit for her. I am truly blessed to be apart of #Udaan. I am looking forward for new opportunities ahead.”

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