In this episode it is full all about the promise of Raghbir of not drinking and Raghbir is to his words and he keeps his promise not to drink.

Bepanah Pyaar 02 Sept 2019 written updates Full Episode: Raghbir keeps his promise of not to drink

Mama Ji forces Raghbir to drink a few sips. Nakul, Priya and Shifali watch them. Raghbir Bari Maa comes to Raghbir and says he won’t be able to take a single sip no matter what, Pragati loves him but he equally loves her as well. Raghbir gets a message and then he keeps the drink away, then leaves.

Pragati sat the table when her father comes to blindfold her. Papa says he wished to eat Kheer from her hands, but Raghbir invited him. Raghbir joins them and says Papa is family and must be at home during the function. He should have come earlier. Pragati offers Raghbir some fruits, then plucks a banana for him from the bench, sayings it’s only the return of his favour.

Bari Maa comes to Raghbir and says he loves Pragati, else he wouldn’t have eaten what he doesn’t like at all.
He has now started to love Pragati but Pragati tells Papa that she can’t love again. She will forget her past.
Raghbir speaks to Bari Maa how he can forget his past. His life has Bani in it. He and Pragati are good for each other. Bari Maa says its been two days only, and care, trust and feelings for each other are there. Raghbir denies feeling anything. Bari Maa tells him to accept this love. She wishes Raghbir accepts the emotion for once.

Raghbir than walks to the room and convinces himself that he only loves Pragati. He recalls all his moments with Pragati. He hears Pragati and Papa come to the room. He invites Papa to come inside. Pragati complains Papa won’t eat anything, Papa denies anything. Raghbir offers some tea, coffee or hard drink. Papa says he has some headache. Raghbir offers to bring medicine for him and leaves Pragati with her Papa. Papa keenly looks towards Pragati and says she felt happy when Raghbir was taking care of him. Pragati denies any such thing. He notices Pragati decorated this room as she did earlier, this shows she accepted Raghbir’s room as hers. Pragati tells her father to think less. Papa says the room, its arrangements and neatness is a witness she has started to take care of Raghbir, and one takes care of the beloved only. They look at each other and understand what the other means. No matter what she says, she has started to love him. Raghbir denies this and says she loved him earlier, but today he is only a criminal for her. What stands in front of her is her husband, and she only holds hatred for him. Raghbir had come upstairs to the room, and asks hatred? For whom? If she was talking about him? Papa makes up it was about their neighbour, he was disrespectful to girls. Raghbir says he wondered how Pragati can hate someone. He brings the medicine box, then recalls Papa hadn’t eaten anything. He goes to speak to the caterer. Afterwards, Pragati discusses with Papa she was afraid Raghbir heard all this. Papa says one thing he can say by experience, this guy loves her a lot and couldn’t kill her.

Raghbir sat with the wine bottle in the backyard and opens it. He thinks Pragati had placed the condition not him. Bari Maa comes to him and says today she won’t let him drink.

In the room, Pragati hides the proof until she gives it to Prashant. Priya and Shifali come dressed up. Pragati laughs and asks Priya why she even decided to wear a saree when she doesn’t know how to Nakul and Shifali come to mock Priya. Pragati joins them saying lovers are liars. They laugh together, afterwards Pragati corrects her saree. Nakul thanks Pragati, as they are going to earn today because of Pragati. They placed a condition that Raghbir won’t drink today, and it’s possible because of Pragati that they will win 10k.

Bari Maa convinces Raghbir that he isn’t accepting his feelings. He must accept the truth, forget Bani. Raghbir qualifies Bani is a word he can never forget, its one truth of his life which will stay no matter he lives or not.
Pragati talks to Prashant on phone and assures she will reach him. Pragati left in a hurry when she was made to taste the catering food. Afterwards, Nakul stops Pragati to stitch a button on his shirt. Pragati takes him inside. Later, Bari Maa stops Pragati to make arrangements of Gopal Ji. Pragati tries to make up, but Bari Maa says Pragati needs to learn all this as well. Bari Maa sends a message to Prashant that she is stuck and will be late. The written update of 02 Sept 2019 Bepanah Pyaar ends here.

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