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Bepanah Pyaar 09 August2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see Raghbir instigates Pragati to drink alcohol.

Bepanah Pyaar 09 August2019 Preview: Pragati reminds Raghbir of Bani

Today’s Bepanah Pyaar 09 August episode begins with Priya called someone and said she will meet her, nobody will know about their plan. Shalu and Mama hid and heard it. Mama said she was having an affair again, she will find it. Aditi told Devraj that there was something wrong. Raghbir said yes there was. Devraj said Nakul was leaving house and hiding something.

They stopped Nakul and asked where he was going. Nakul said he was going for studies, he left. Raghbir came there and asked where her alcohol bottles were. Pragati said she didn’t know, he might have finished them. Raghbir said it was herr work to take care of his bottles, they argued again. Raghbir ordered for more bottles.

Pragati said he can fill his water tank with alcohol, Raghbir said what problem she had. Pragati said she does not drink, this was madness. Raghbir said she didn’t know how good it was to drink. Pragati said what. Raghbir said she didn’t know peace of drinking. Raghbir got his alcohol bottles. Pragati brought it and smiled. The written update of 09 August 2019 Bepanah Pyaar episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Bepanah Pyaar, watch Priya runs away from home and Pragati starts crying after getting drunk. Stay tuned!

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