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Bepanah Pyaar 19 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see Pragati imagine revealing the truth to everyone.

Bepanah Pyaar 19 August2019 Written Update Preview: Pragati mad at Tina

Today’s Bepanah Pyaar 19 August episode begins with Raghbir (Pearl Puri) saying to Pragati (Ishita Dutta) that her celebration was unbelievable. Pragati said she was not changing herself for him. Raghbir said he thought she was changing his life, shebwas drunk but still taking care of him, he liked it, she was not fine then he will be with her tonight stupid. Pragati said not to call her stupid, she was not staying in a room with him. Raghbir said she stayed in a hotel with h. Pragati fell in his arms. Servant came to mysterious man and said he couldn’t find truth but he will find proofs against Pragati. Dhruv said to Priya that he got to know about her pregnancy but he will make everything fine.

Raghbir came there and said she was irritating his sister. Priya said not to call him. Dhruv said he just wanted to talk. Raghbir said leave and don’t try to irritate her. Raghbir and Priya brought Pragati home. She was drunk. Aditi said she can dance so she was fine, party ended. Raghbir said looked like it. Aditi said he beat a businessman, what Pragati did was not a good thing, people were talking about daughter in law drunk and making a mess. Raghbir said this was not a good photo, she should have scolded them. Mama said think about their respect. Tina said she was dancing like drunkards. Aditi said she was from a small family so did not know how to react.

Pragati said she just drank a little and he was saying so much but why was she silent when her son killed her daughter in law. Bani was his wife but she died and nobody tried to find out if it was a murder or death. All were shocked. Pragati said she will tell everyone that Bani didn’t die but was murdered and her own husband Raghbir killed her. It all turned out to be Pragati’s dream. Raghbir said Aditi was saying something. Kuldeep said Raghbir drank and did it all the time but they didn’t say anything so why scold Pragati when she drank. Raghbir said he wanted to hear this only, now there will be two drunkards in house. Kuldeep took Pragati from there. Pragati came to her room. Prashant called her and asked her to meet him. Nakul said to Raghbir that he beat them like a hero, he would beat them same way, and he showed his muscles.

Raghbir laughed. Kuldeep brought Pragati and said she was ill so he should take care of her. They made her sit on bed. Nakul said he was asking him to go to her. Kuldeep said Raghbir took care of her. She started leaving and said Raghbir will stay here and let Pragati rest here, she was his wife. Pragati thought how to tell that she was fine. Kuldeep said he both took care of each other, she left with Nakul. Raghbir smirked and recalled how she said she won’t stay in a room with him. Pragati thought that Prashant must be outside house. Pragti said to Raghbir that she was going to bring toiletries. Raghbir said Kuldeep told her to stay here and don’t move. Prashant and Gulshan were outside house and called her. Pragati is tensed. Raghbir offered her aspirin. The written update of 19 August 2019 Bepanah Pyaar episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Bepanah Pyaar, watch Ishita hides the proof against Raghbir in her bag. Stay tuned!

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