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Bepanah Pyaar 20 August2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see Pragati tries hard to hide the suitcase from Raghbir whilst they bicker.

Bepanah Pyaar 20 August 2019 Written Update Preview: Raghbir makes coffee for Pragati

Today’s Bepanah Pyaar 20 August episode begins with Pragati (Ishita Dutta) saying Badi Ma told to take care of her and not be her bodyguard. It was his drink time. Raghbir (Pearl V Puri) said she used to stop him from drinking and today she was asking him to drink. He didn’t drink anything when he eas on duty. Pragati feigned a headache and decided to make coffee but he offered to do it instead. She asked him if he knew how to make coffee. Raghbir said he did a 3 year course to make coffee. Pragati asked him why he was doing all this for her. He said it was because he was on duty. Badi Ma told him to look after her so he must. He was not as bad as she thought him to be. She looked at him. He advised her to think about it. He went to make coffee. She thought to give the bag to Papa and prashant asap. The maid was looking for proofs. On the other hand, Pragati was headed to her room.

She hoped the coffee was not ready before she returned. Raghbir returned to his room but did not see Pragati anywhere. He called out to her. The maid found the bag behind the bed. She was going out when she found herself facing Pragati. Pragati asked her how she knew she was coming to take this bag. She must had seen them outside. She took the bag and thanked the maid. The maid left. Pragati opened the bag. She browsed through the proofs. It was good that she hid the proofs in the room before the show started. They might have Raghbir’s fingerprint. This would be the biggest proof. She closed the bag but did not realise that a bloodied cloth was peeking out of the bag. She turned and found Raghbir standing at the door. He shouldn’t have seen the bag.

Raghbir asked her what she was hiding. She tried to move but he warned her against it. He would have died if she had taken any step further. She cannot kill someone just because she was afraid. She shouted as he lifted the roach. She pushed it away. He said he might be on his way to meet his wife. She cooked the same story as he trids to inch closer. She lied that she came to brush. They argued again. She asked him to give her his world class coffee. He gave her. She took a sip hurriedly and told him that her tongue was burnt. He brought water for her. She threw the bag to a corner and sat on the bed. She did not see the bloodied cloth which was still on the bed. He touched the coffee mug and argued that it was cold. She lied that it was hot. They argued over it yet again.

He called her strange. She found cold coffee hot; brush right before drinking coffee and came here with her bag. She diverted his mind to coffee. Prashant decided to check on Pragati. She might be in some danger. Pragati’s father wanted to go instead but Prashant teased him by calling him old. He went inside. He fooled the servant and got inside the house. Raghbir asked Pragati why she wasn’t resting when Badi Ma has told her to rest and take care of herself. She told him that she liked these kinds of bed. Raghbir told her she had a superpower. She can sleep anywhere. He Papa only said that good people can sleep anywhere. She had said that day that they cannot stay in the same room. She declined but he told her that they will be in trouble if Badi Ma saw them awake at this hour. He held her hand asking her to come but she shouted. He jumped in shock thinking there was a roach. Prashant peeked inside the room. She noticed him and diverted Raghbir when he turned to look at the door. Prashant hide.

Raghbir decided to stay in this very room itself. She thought to do something so Prashant can take the bag. She told Raghbir they will go to their room now. He called her confused. Now it was his decision that they will stay here. She gave in. She signaled Prashant about the bag. He tried to get inside but ran back as Raghbir asked Pragati what she was up to. She made a lame excuse. He gave her coffee. She will feel better. Prashant failed in getting inside. Raghbir asked Pragati if the coffee was nice. She nodded. He decided to make another cup of coffee but she stopped him by pulling him back. They shared an eye lock. This time Prashant managed to get inside the room. He hid behind the bed. Raghbir asked Pragati what she was up to. She sometimes push him away and sometimes pull him closer. She lied that something fell in her eyes and the very next second said she was fine. His coffee was average. He made the world’s best coffee. He told her to prove it. They bickered as usual as they headed to the kitchen. Pragati realised that the bloodied cloth was lying in the room. She headed back to the room to pick it but it was missing by then.The maid told someone she couldn’t get hold of all the proofs but they had the most important one. Pragati doubted Raghbir. The written update of 20 August 2019 Bepanah Pyaar episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Bepanah Pyaar, watch Raghbir reveals that Pragati reminds him of Bani. Pragati challenges him saying what is she was Bani. Stay tuned!

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