Bepanah Pyaar 21 August2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see men and women of the house gear up to celebrate the festival.

Bepanah Pyaar 21 August2019 Written Update Preview: Raksha bandhan celebration

Today’s Bepanah Pyaar 21 August episode begins with Raghbir saying shayari while looking at his alcohol. Pragati entered just then. He said she had come at the right time. She went to change. He told her to come back quickly. He recalled that they had been told to sleep in the same room from tonight. She came out wearing a suit. He looked at her mesmerised. She looked away feeling uncomfortable. He replied that she reminded him of someone. She asked him if she reminded him of many girls. He said seemed like she also thoughg just like other. He thought she was different but she was just like them. He thought she will understand me. She apologized to him. She was just pulling his leg. He said it was something different and she just mocked his love.

She very well knew that he had loved only one girl till date and it was Baani. She offered to sleep on the sofa but he assured her he will be fine on the sofa. They bid each other goodnight and lie down. Her words echoed in Raghbir’s head. He noticed her shifting in the bed. She glanced at him when he looked away but closed her eyes quickly as he looked in her direction. She asked him how he knew she was looking at him. He said it was because I could see it. He saw her looking at me as he was also looking at her. They both quieted for a moment. He said he didn’t know why she didn’t understand. He had only shared my room with one girl till date. There had been only one girl in his life who he had loved till date. It is Baani. He loved her even today. He walked out of the room. She got emotional. Raghbir was talking to his bottle.

She was doing what Baani could do. He can sleep peacefully with her. Pragati snatched the bottle out of his hands and gave him a glass of milk. He will fall asleep easily. He complained that the bottle was better but she threatened him using Badi Ma’s name. They both struggled for the bottle. He called it woman power but also pointed out that this was Punjabi man’s male ego. The bottle fell on the floor during their tiff. He rues that this was the last bottle from the emergency quote. She joked that it became the late last bottle. They will do its last rites tomorrow. Drink milk or she will tell Badi Ma didn’t care about him. He suggested her to drink it. This showed he cared. He will make another glass of milk for myself. She insisted. He made faces while emptying the glass. Pragati pointed at his milk moustache. He wiped it clean. She hid her smile. They kept stealing glances at each other when the other wasn’t looking. They both fell asleep only. Pragati woke up and found realised that she was resting her head on Raghbir’s chest and he had his arm around her. She woke up without waking him up. She shouted to wake him up. He was about to punch her thinking it is someone but she said it was her. They were in the garden.

Badi Ma will go to the room looking for them and they were here in the garden! She told them to sleep in a room. They ran to their room. Pragati and Raghbir argued as to where they should be. Both of them hid under the duvet as they hear Badi Ma coming to the room. Raghbir lit the torch under the duvet. Badi Ma called out to Raghbir. They both were arguing under the duvet. They both sat up and greeted her. She told them to get ready. It was Rakhi today. She got a call from Ashram. There was some charity work so she was going there. She found Raghbir lost. He said he will drop her to Ashram but she told him to celebrate Rakhi. She will go with driver. He went to freshen up. Badi Ma blessed Pragati. Pragati was about to shout but Dev covers her mouth. It will be a big problem if she shouted. She asked him why he was here. Dev said he had come to meet Priya once. He really liked her. Pragati said she had already told him that she did not like him. Everything was clear. He said he never hurt her. Whatever happened with her wasn’t right but he should get one chance. Make her meet him once. He will respect her final decision.

Pragati tried to explain but he requested her. She told him she cannot do anything in this situation. It will be better if he give up on this one. She excused herself. The ladies of the house complained that they weren’t used to working so much anymore. The servants were on leave due to Rakhi festival. Pragati offered to manage everything but Raghbir asked her if she was Jhansi Ki Rani. He called the servants but there was some problem. He panicked. The ladies offered to do everything. Gopi suggested the ladies to clean the house. They will order the food from outside. She instead suggested the men to clean the house while the ladies will cook food. All the ladies second her. The men and women made 2 separate teams. Raghbir said men can do anything. Dadi offered to help the men but they decided to do it themselves. Pragati told her to rest. She will help them. Raghbir said they can do anything. They didn’t need any help. Pragati nodded. They went about their separate ways. Gopi thought to show as if he was working so no one doubted him. There wasn’t anything to worry about. The written update of 21 August 2019 Bepanah Pyaar episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Bepanah Pyaar, watch Pragati leaves quietly to talk to Prashant. Stay tuned!

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