Bepanah Pyaar 22 August2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see Dev comes to meet Priya and Pragati tells her to tie him Rakhi.

Bepanah Pyaar 22 August2019 Written Update: Pragati and Raghbir blame each other

Today’s Bepanah Pyaar 22 August episode begins with Raghbir (Pearl Puri) and all the men wearing their kerchiefs on their foreheads and around their nose. Raghbir gave a pep speech. They had only 60 minutes to prove ourselves. They will tell the ladies that they can do anything. He ended up spitting on his eyes while replying. They started their work. Gopi feigned a backache but his BIL did not let him go. He reminded Gopi of their challenge. Gopi said he didn’t know if they messed up or took a challenge. Pragati gave colin to Harshit. She asked about their group captain. He replied that Raghbir was cleaning his mini bar. They all rushed to Raghbir. Raghbir checked her hands first. She showed him her hands.

He pointed at the empty bottles. There was nothing here. She nodded. They all went away. Raghbir took out his flash as soon as everyone went and took a sip. They were so boring. Pragati asked her MIL what she was preparing. She shared that it was a face pack. Pragati asked them who will cook food. Shalu said they had ordered it online already. They went to enjoy face spa. The girls felt bad for cheating the boys this way. The sisters decided to give their brothers some gift in the form of cake. Pragati offered to do it but they requested her to let them bake it. They sent her away. Pragati smiled seeing them happy.

Raghbir’s sisters said bake the cake and smiled. Raghbir told Pragati he did not need anyone’s help. Pragati said this was what she had been trying to tell him since long. They ordered food online. Raghbir thought he thought he was smart but the ladies turned out to be smarter. She said teacher punished the weakest kid of her class. He reprimanded her for calling him weak. He took out the cake. The bowl fell and the cake split into two. They both apologized to each other. Raghbir’s sisters became sad seeing their cake’s condition. Raghbir pointed at Pragati who blamed him instead. Harshit came there as well. Raghbir and Pragati pointed fingers at each other once again. Priya walked away teary eyed. Pragati told Raghbir to pacify Priya. They heard Devraj calling out to Raghbir. Pragati told Raghbir to go there while she went to pacify Priya.

Priya was crying in her room. Pragati, Nakul and Shefali tried to pacify Priya. She finally went with them. They came to the kitchen and it was fixed / iced already. They wondered who could have done it. Pragati noticed Dev hiding behind the fridge. Raghbir entered. He too was relieved to see the cake. Pragati took Priya’s name. She could do this much for her brothers on Rakhi. Raghbir offered to keep it in fridge but Pragati sent him away. Once Raghbir left, Priya asked Pragati why she lied to Raghbir. Pragati said she had to because he made it. She pointed at Dev. He came out of his hiding place. Raghbir called out to Pragati. All four of them walked out holding hands while Dev hid behind them. Nakul reprimanded Dev for not caring for his life. Priya asked Dev why he came here. He said he was trying to meet her.

He couldn’t see you crying in the kitchen. Flashback showed Dev jumping in from the kitchen window and fixing the cake. He attended a cake making workshop last year which helped today. He didn’t wish to tell anyone but they came. His intentions were clear. Priya decided to tell Raghbir. Pragati nodded. Nakul said he will get the right lesson then. He won’t chase any other girl in his life. He won’t even marry. Priya suggested them to do drop it. Pragati said he should be punished for his mistake. Priya said he won’t come again. Pragati picked up Rakhi. She had the perfect and permanent solution. She asked Priya to tie it on Dev’s hand. Dev refused. Even Priya shouted against it. Pragati asked her the reason. Priya said she already had 3 brothers. Devraj called out to the girls. Pragati made Dev jump out of the window as they had no other choice. Raghbir’s mother was impressed with the decor. They just told them to clean the house.

Harshit said it was Raghbir’s plan. He had worked hard than all of thrm. Raghbir recalled drinking in a corner. He nodded in front of his mom. Shefali and Priya came downstairs. Devraj was standing sadly in a corner. His mother told him that his Rakhi had arrived. He smiled. She next told Aditi to tie Rakhi on Gopi’s hand. The celebration started. Priya and Shefali asked for their gifts. They chased him around the room. He eventually gave them their gifts. They recalled that this was their favourite chocolates when they were kids. He replied that they had to find him. They spoke about old times. All 3 brothers promised their sisters they will come together to celebrate Rakhi from any corner of the world every year. They all nodded. They cut the cake and clicked selfies. Prashant called Pragati. He asked her to come somewhere. He needed to talk about something important. She noticed everyone busy and decided to leave. She will make an excuse once she was back. The written update of 22 August 2019 Bepanah Pyaar episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Bepanah Pyaar, watch Pragati meets a guy who can identify fingerprints of the killer from the prints. Stay tuned!

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