Bepanah Pyaar 27 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we Pragati and Raghbir humiliate Akshay in front of everyone to avenge Priya.

Bepanah Pyaar 27 August 2019 Written Update Preview: Pragati insults Akshay

Today’s Bepanah Pyaar 27 August episode begins with a lady offering a drink to Pragati (Ishita Dutta) but Raghbir (Pearl Puri) denied on her behalf. Pragati asked him if he was fine. He replied that he said no for her sake. She will become Sheila if she drank. He must remain sober. He waved at his siblings who joined them. Pragati said they must sit. Raghbir said they had an old person with them. Priya and Nakul argued over the music. Raghbir gave them a task. Pragati asked him what he will do. He sat atop the bar. He will monitor everything. Priya asked DJ to change the music but he did not pay heed. He immediately changed the songs when Dev told him to. Priya asked him why he was here when he should be resting at home. He asked her if she was concerned for him.

She thanked him for saving her in the morning. He asked for a dance but she declined and walked away. She did not see Raghbir and Pragati. Dev smiled. He thought she said she came with someone. She nodded. She came with family. Dev suggested her to spend some time with him till the time they were back. She called him a nice guy. He deserved a good girl. Dev replied that he did not feel like meeting anyone else. He leaned closer for a kiss when Raghbir shouted. Pragati patted her head in dismay. Priya realised it was their plan. Dev said it was a genuine reason. They all wanted them to spend some time together. She told him that it did not work out. Nothing will ever work out between them. She walked away followed by Nakul and Shefali. Pragati apologized to Dev. He told them it was okay. They all tried at least.

He guessed his destiny wasn’t in his favour. He went too. Pragati asked Raghbir why he had to react. He said some people liked something while some didn’t like some things. She asked him what he thought she did not like. He pointed at her dress. She was covering her slit since forever. People must be thinking she was feeling cold. He had been complimenting her since they started from home but she won’t hear him out. He ended up mocking her and her attire. Pragati walked away in a huff. Priya and Nakul asked Raghbir if he didn’t go overboard. He too wouldn’t have been comfortable in something which was new. Bhabhi still wore that dress for him. They thought she should pacify her. DJ played Kar Gayi Chull song. Pragati was crossing the stage when Raghbir pulled her for a dance. Priya, Shefali and Nakul danced with Raghbir. Pragati relented eventually and smiled. They danced together. Priya noticed Akshay and got teary eyed. She left. Dev followed her. Pragati noticed Priya’s sad face. Raghbir told her not to worry about Priya. He had hired a personal bodyguard for her.

DJ played Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo. Raghbir’s siblings didn’t let either of them go. Raghbir and Pragati danced romantically on that one. Raghbir caressed her hair. They still looked like bushes. She told him to be careful. Security guard signaled Raghbir who excused himself. Dev was telling Priya to calm down but in vain. Her siblings came there as well. Raghbir asked Priya and Dev what happened. Dev pointed at Akshay. He did not do anything. Pragati said he was the same guy because of whom Priya tried to commit suicide. Priya said everything was over yet she was crying. She didn’t know why she was doing this. Raghbir asked everyone to come but Pragati decided to put an end to her misery. If there was no one to wipe your tears then there shouldn’t also be anyone who could make her cry. She went on stage. Akshay was dancing but the music was stopped. He demanded to know who did it. Pragati said she did it. Akshay asked her who she was. She acted to be shocked and said he promised to marry her. He asked her what she was saying. She slapped him. Akshay fell on the floor. Pragati pointed at Priya. She was the Bhabhi of the girl he cheated. She didn’t do anything to him after what he did to her but she will teach him a lesson now. He tried to say something but she warned him to be quiet. She will otherwise make Priya stand in front of him and he won’t be able to hear any of it. She poured a glass of whiskey on him. Raghbir was looking proudly at Pragati.

Shefali followed Pragati’s example. Everyone started calling him cheater. Pragati held out the wine bottle for Priya. Raghbir gave it to Priya who emptied it on Akshay. Priya hugged Pragati. She did the right thing Bhabhi. There could not be a better closure than this. Akshay looked upset. The three ladies walked hand in hand. Raghbir said impressive. He thought she was just a penny but she turned out to be an atom bomb. Pragati thought she will do something similar for him one day. Everyone was booing for Akshay. He picked up the empty bottle and threw it at Pragati but Raghbir held it just in time. Pragati glared at him and then looked at Raghbir. He said it was his turn now and went on stage. He was about to break the bottle on Akshay’s head when Pragati shouted his name. Akshay ducked. Raghbir told him to relax. Akshay cried. Raghbir said men didn’t attack from behind. It was just the women of his house who did this to him. Think what will happen if the men of his house will do anything to him. He pointed at his family members. He started mocking Akshay. He ordered a drink for Akshay and made him hold it. He even made him repeat the words; die, cheater. Akshay poured it over himself unhappily. Raghbir smiled as he turned. The written update of 27 August 2019 Bepanah Pyaar episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Bepanah Pyaar, watch Raghbir’s mother tries to instigate Raghbir into hating Pragati. She calls her a cheap, low class woman but Raghbir hears none of it and warns her to not talk such things about her. Stay tuned!

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