In today’s episode of Bepanah Pyaar of 28 August 2019, we see a harsh argument between Raghbir and Aditi and an ice-cream party in the family.

Bepanah Pyaar 28 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Raghbir and Aditi Argue

Today Bepanah Pyaar 28 August episode begins as Raghbir, Pragati and the others reach home. Pragati consoles Priya and asks if she is fine to which Priya nods a yes and thanks Pragati for her help.

Raghbir’s mother gets annoyed with the dress that Pragati is wearing and taunts her to wear something better, Priya tries to explain the situation but she is now allowed to. Raghbir tells his mother that the dress was his choice and there was nothing wrong with it. Aditi(Raghbir’s Mother) also calls Paragti cheap and low-class women, listening to this Raghbir bursts out in anger and a very harsh argument takes place between Raghbir and his mother. Raghbir brings out all the past moments and says that she doesn’t love him. Pragati asks Raghbir to stop arguing and take him to the room.

In the room upstairs Pragati tries to make Raghbir realize his mistake and asks him to apologize to his mom and tells him that he should never talk to his mother in such a manner. On the other side, Aditi is upset with Raghbir’s behavior towards her. Her husband tries to console her. Gopi and Shalu are busy consoling Aditi. Everyone in the family was surprised by Raghbir’s behavior with his mother.

In all this mess, Pragati had completely forgotten about Prashant who is waiting outside the house, she recollects and leaves to meet him. Meanwhile, the mystery man sees Pragati trying to silently move out of the house, so he asks the maid to keep an eye on her. While Pragati is trying to sneak out she collides with Shefali, Shefali is surprised to see Pragati leaving the house at this time and her where she is off too. By that time, everyone had come there, Pragati tells she was going out for a walk, Shalu tells her it was her independence day and she is free to go out.

Harshit tries to make Raghbir happy by playing video games with him and trying to recollect good memories. Meanwhile, Pragati is surprised by Nakul with an ice-cream, she tries to taste it and leave fast. Raghbir and Harshit also reach there for the ice-cream. Raghbir notices Pragtai lost in thoughts and feeds her the ice-cream, to which everyone was, and asks Pragati to feed raghbir to. Pragati finds it very difficult to leave to meet Prashant to see tries to tell Sushma to give the scarf to Prashant, but when she reaches out for the scarf she does not find it in her purse. The Written Update of Bepanah Pyaar 28 August 2019 ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Bepanah Pyaar watch Sushma lying on the floor dead with a knife stabbed in her stomach.

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