In today’s episode, it will be thrilling to watch the new week with new connections. The episode starts with contestants doing the daily chores of singing the Bigg Boss 16 anthem.

Later, MC Stan talks with Tina Datta and tells her that if they are still sticking to the plan to make Priyanka lose the Captaincy task. To which Tina says yes. She also mentioned that Shalin would help them do so.

And then Tina and MC Stan go to Shalin and discuss their plan to destroy Priyanka’s game, to which Shalin agrees.

Simultaneously Bigg Boss announces that now the time has come for a new Captaincy task. And also that now Priyanka Choudhary and Shiv Thakare will get a fair chance to become captains.

While the task is about that, Priyanka and Shiv will have to collect the bricks from the huge pile in the garden area without toppling them off and make a domino sequence using all those blocks to win the captaincy task.

Tina and MC collectively start destroying Priyanka’s domino by throwing water, as touching it is not allowed by the rules.

While other contestants, Archana Gautam and Sajid Khan, try to stop them as they are on Priyanka’s side.

Meanwhile, Ankit tries to steal the water bucket from Gori Nagori so that she doesn’t destroy Priyanka’s domino; in that situation, Gori gets hurt and starts crying, to which Ankit quickly apologizes to her.

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