Today's Divya Drishti 5 May 2019 written update full episode starts with Drishti and Pishachini confront each other when Drishti learns Preeto is Pischanini.

Divya Drishti 5 May 2019 written update full episode : Drishti and Pischanini come face-to-face

Today’s Divya Drishti 5 May 2019 written update full episode starts with Rakshit advising Drishti to get medicine for her burn wounds while she has a feeling of something bad happening in the house in the future.

Pishachini is following Sunny and he is finding to difficult to escapes her. Meanwhile, Drishti heads down to check if everything is okay in the house. Pishachini manages to capture Sunny, throttles him and throws him down causing him immense pain. Here Drishti’s third eye starts glowing when she comes across Sunny lying on the floor.

Pishachini notices Drishti’s third eye and they confront each other while Sunny takes his last breath. Pishachini tells Drishti that she has been looking for her for so many years.

Drishti goes and informs Shikhar and Aish that Preeto is Pishachini. She tells Ojaswini that Sunny was killed by Pishachini aka Preeto.

Suddenly, Preeto enters the balcony and Ojaswini asks her about her son. The family members are in shock when they cannot find Sunny’s body. When Sunny is alive and back, they all blame Drishti about telling lies about Sunny’s death.

Drishti tries to tell Divya everything but Divya refuses to believe that Preeto is Pishachini. Pishachini tells Bicchu that she revived Sunny. Drishti is still trying to convince Divya about Preeto’s real avatar. She tells her they have to reveal Preeto in front of the entire family. Divya is supportive of Drishti and tells her that they will destroy Pishachini.

Rakshit talks to Mahima about how he saw a one eyed woman with his father when Mahina starts crying. Rakshit is suspicious of Preeto. He tells Mahima to not try anything before he talks to Drishti about it.

Later, Drishti, Romi and Divya gather round to look at the starstone and stare at the moon. The stone starts glowing brightening the room.

Today’s Divya Drishti 5 May 2019 Written Update Full Episode ends here. Stay tuned!

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