The episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin starts with Devyani calling Sayi and asking her to get a pink sari and all the matching jewellery for her. Sayi says she knows what Devyani like and disconnects the call.
Pulkit comes to Sayi and thanks her as she let him meet Devyani. Pulkit says he did not sleep the whole night as he was thinking about Devyani and asks how is she.
Sayi recollects about Devyani’s excitement and asks him if Devyani will get normal anytime. Pulkit says Devyani will get normal soon, as he has forwarded Devyani’s reports to a special doctor.
Pulkit gives Sayi some gifts and asks her to give them to Devyani. Sayi asks what did Pulkit get for Devyani. Pulkit says pink sari, matching jewellery and a dancing snowball which Devyani liked a lot.
Sayi says Devyani will love the gifts. Pulkit asks what is going between Sayi and Virat. Sayi says their marriage is just a contract and after her college, she will return home. Pulkit asks what if Virat starts loving Sayi. Sayi says Virat already has someone in his heart.
Sayi returns home and calls Devyani. Sayi says she got lots of gifts for Devyani. Bhavani taunts her. Sayi says she was supposed to open all the gifts in front of everyone, but now she will open in her room. Bhavani forces Sayi to open all the gifts in front of her.
Sayi shows Devyani her Sari, jewellery and the dancing snowball. Bhavani asks why Sayi had to waste Virat’s money. Sayi says Pulkit has sent all the gifts for Devyani.
Bhavani and Ninad throw away all the gifts. Bhavani says she will never accept Pulkit as his son-in-law. Sayi says if Bhavani and Ninad won’t pick the gifts which they have thrown, she will do something bad.