The episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin starts with Madhuri serving food to Sai. Sai asks Madhuri to call Harini for lunch with them. Madhuri says she will feed Harini in her room later. Devyani says Harini is her daughter so she will go and feed Harini. Pulkit explains Devyani that Harini did not accept the whole situation and needs time. Devyani says she will feed Harini and return. Pulkit Sai has come to meet Devyani and if Devyani won’t have lunch with her, then Sai will feel bad.

Pulkit tells Sai that soon he will take Devyani to Chavan Nivas. Devyani says she doesn’t want to go there, as they all are bad people. Madhuri says what is the point to go in Chavan Nivas when the girl who bought Devyani and Pulkit together is not living there. Madhuri says they can go to Chavan Nivas when Sai returns there.
Sai says she will never return there. Sais says she has some self-respect, her husband humiliated her and threw her out, she will never go back. Sai says she stayed outside the house all night, was hungry, but Virat did not care.
Mohit messages Sai that Virat has gone on a dangerous mission, and asks her to pray. Sai worries about Virat. She panics and starts having food.

Later, Sai returns to her hostel and tries to study, but she couldn’t concentrate. Sai thinks Virat called her, as he wanted to talk to her before the dangerous mission, but she did not talk to Virat. Sai recollects spending time with Virat.

Mohit calls Sai and asks her to switch on the news channel. Sai switch on the tv and sees that Virat is firing on the terrorist. Sai cries.