The episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin starts with Virat asking Pakhi to return home as she was taking care of him the whole night. Pakhi tells Virat, he himself kicked Sai out of the house and then after apologising to her, she did not return with him. Pakhi asks Virat did he forget what Sai did to him. Virat says he did not forget nor he wants to forget. He says that he made a mistake and it wasn’t Sai’s mistake.

Virat says he is grateful that after his mistake, Sai forgave him and has come to meet him. Virat hopes that Sai did not forgive him pitying his condition. Sai says she forgave Virat and knows about his change of heart.
Sai tells Pakhi if she wants to stay then she can, but she will take care of Virat from now on. Pakhi gets shocked. Pakhi says if she cannot take care of Virat, there is no point waiting.
The doctor enters and says Virat is recovering. The doctor looks at Pakhi and says Virat is lucky to have a wife like her, as she was there with him the whole night and took care of him. Virat holds Sai’s hand and says Sai is his wife.
The doctor apologises for his misunderstanding. Sai says she asked Pakhi to inform the doctor that Sai is Virat’s wife. Virat asks Pakhi to understand that Sai is his wife and asks Pakhi to return home. Pakhi feels humiliated and leaves.

Virat says sometimes he cannot understand what Pakhi wants. Sai says Pakhi wants her to leave so that she herself can take care of Virat. Sai asks Virat to take medicine. Sai says when Virat went on a mission she was worried about him and on that her roommate was talking about all negative things, which made her worry more. Sai apologises for not going back with Virat and says she wanted to talk but thought Virat will be angry with her.

Sai cries. Virat says he mentioned while leaving Sai’s house that whenever Sai wants to talk to him, she can directly call him. Sai cries and says she called him, but someone else answered his phone and did not even inform her in which hospital Virat was.

Virat explains Sai that his phone got off, so his friend couldn’t inform her.