The episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin starts with Sai telling Virat that their family is incomplete without Devyani and Pulkit. Sai says their post-wedding ritual is pending so she wants to call Devyani and Pulkit to their house. Virat says their family will not agree with Sai’s decision. Sai says she can handle their family in her way. Virat says it will be very dangerous to call Devyani and Pulkit. Sai wears Virat’s police cap and says she is the daughter of a martyr police officer and a brave police officer’s wife, so she is not scared of anyone. Sai says tomorrow is Sunday and everyone will be at home, so she can call Devyani and Pulkit tomorrow. Virat says that will be too early and will have no time to prepare. Sai says they just have to make food for 2 extra people which she can make and will not trouble anyone.

Virat says if Sai will make all the food then who will take care of him. Sai says she is multi-talented and can do multiple things at a time. Virat says Sai will be busy in the kitchen. Sai says she can handle her responsibilities very well. Pakhi cries in her room. Bhawani comes to Pakhi and asks her to have food. Sonali asks Pakhi not to spoil her mood due to Sai. Pakhi says she is upset due to Virat’s behaviour.

Bhawani says she will help Pakhi to improve her friendship with Virat and asks her to cook Virat’s favourite food. Bhawani says Sai will not come into the kitchen, so Pakhi has the kitchen for herself and tomorrow she can impress Virat with her food. Sai calls Pulkit and invites him and Devyani to their house. Virat asks if Sai is back to Chavan Nivas. Sai says she is there only to take care of Virat and will return when Virat recovers.

Sai asks Pulkit to come with Devyani and complete their post-wedding ritual. Pulkit agrees. Sai then makes a list of all the grocery. She takes out money from her purse. Virat says Devyani is coming to her house, for that Sai doesn’t have to waste her money. Virat says he will pay for all the grocery and also buy a gift for them. Virat then lies down. Sai gives him a head massage.