The episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin starts with Sai packing all her stuff. Devyani comes there and asks what she is doing. Before Sai says anything, Devyani says she knows that Sai is trying to figure out which saree to wear and on which day. Devyani says even she gets confused but is very exciting this time. Devyani says they will decide the colours and wear the saree accordingly. Sai says she is not deciding the saree but is packing her bag. Devyani asks Sai where she is going and even she wants to go with Sai. Sai says she always said that she will leave the house and this time she is really leaving the house.

Devyani gets angry and says she will tell everyone about it. Sai stops Devyani and asks her not to tell anyone. Devyani says Sai cannot leave them. Sai calms Devyani and tells her that she told Devyani a secret and Devyani should not tell that to anyone. Devyani says she will get upset if Sai leaves. Sai tells Devyani that they will lock their secret in a lock and Devyani cannot tell it to anyone. Sai says when the time will come, everyone will come to know about their secret.

Devyani takes Abba’s pic and says that she doesn’t want Sai to leave and Abba will also never want Sai to leave the house. Sai says if Abba would be alive then she would have not been trapped in the contract marriage. Devyani asks Sai if she will leave Virat. Sai says she is leaving and Virat is being very rude to her and doesn’t even respect her. Virat comes there and asks Devyani want she is doing in his room. Devyani says she was talking to Sai. Virat taunts Sai. Sai also taunts Virat. They start arguing. Devyani asks them not to argue. Sai asks Devyani to go down as everyone is waiting for her.

Sai tells Virat that he doesn’t deserve to tell her father’s name as he did not respect his daughter. Sai keeps on taunting Virat and they continue arguing. Sai mentions that there was nothing between her and Virat and will never be. Virat gets upset. Pakhi tells Samrat that she will also groom herself as Samrat will be doing the pooja. Samrat says Pakhi looks beautiful in her natural looks. He then asks Pakhi why she did not like when Virat bought the Ganpati. Pakhi thinks she wanted to do Virat’s arti but Sai came in between. Pakhi tells Samrat that he did not give her the right before, so she wanted to do Samrat’s arti while he gets the Ganpati.

Meanwhile, Sai thinks Virat will always be rude to her and she cannot tolerate that. She thinks she has to make a tough decision for her better.