Antra is in the police van. she faints. The inspector checks her. She takes his gun and says get out of the van. He says what are you doing. Antra says put your guns down. Antra says Guddan your destruction is coming back.

AJ is found to be cooking so Dadi says to him after so long you are seen to be this happy. He says I am making this fruit cake for her. I know this distance will go away. Dadi says all troubles are gone away from you both.

Antra says go away from the car. Tie each other’s hands. She shoots in the air. Antra sits in the jeep and leaves. Inspector informs at the station.

Dadi says see guidance what is made. AJ says I made this for you. Guddan tastes it. He says how is it? She says it is perfect. thank you for all the effort. Dadi says see everything is good between you two.

I want you two to give me an heir. Guddansays I have to leave this house. Dadi says why? Everything is fine now. We did wrong but give us one more chance. Guddan says there shouldn’t be broken glass and broken trust in the house. He should have made khichdi. I am a poor girl and he is a rich guy. Our distance can never be reduced. She takes her bag and walks out.

AJ lies in front of Guddan. He says you have to step on me to leave. I won’t move from here. Guddan says get up. Move from here. He says I won’t. Guddan says we made a deal that I will leave this house. I forgive you but I can not accept you in my life. I can not do this. I can not accept you as my husband at all now. So Don’t force me. It is all about circumstances. I cannot even live without you. I am not as great as you. Guddan says that I have to go now. Than She walks out. Guddan than says goodbye. Durga now you have to handle this house and I know that you will do it well. AJ Holds the hand of Guddan and says please but she leaves his hand and walks out. Dadi says that Antra has left but she is still in search of the happiness of this house. My daughter has left today.

AJ is fully sitting upset. Durga than comes towards him and says not to eat won’t change anything. She has left because of you. You could not love her allot. I respect you and what I am saying is the truth. she then showed her love to you every time. She now has to leave this house. Why could you not stop her? AJ says that I can prove that I really love her. Durga says than show this love to her and it’s a request please get Guddan back to this house. To that Laxmi says that we both are with you. Suddenly inspector comes and tells that Antra is not there she ram away she has been fleeing away from jail.