All by hearing this are shocked. Laxmi is scared and says that she can harm Guddan, we have to call her. Durga tries a call to Guddan but her phone is found to be off.

Gudadn is seen breaking things in anger. Bhushan says Guddan goes back there. Guddan says I won’t go back there. AJ comes there and says your phone was off. Guddan says what happened? He says Antra fled. You have to come with me for your safety. She is dangerous. Guddan says don’t lie. I don’t need your safety. I can save myself. My dad is on your side. What do you want? I want to move on in life. What should I do to tell you, you can’t mend my trust. AJ says papa if she doesn’t want to come please don’t force her to come back to me. I can’t see tears in her eyes. Please don’t force her. AJ says I know I have made a mistake but I love you. I know you will come to me and tell me how you love me. Antr has fled and I am worried about your safety. You are the most important to me. AJ says papa I will send police here. He leaves.

Angad comes to a shed. He says Revati why did you call me here? You wanted to talk about Guddan. Antra comes there. She says I called you. Angad says you. He calls the police. Antra hits him on the head. She says you will be my pawn.

You will be part of the climax. Guddan sits down and cries. AJ recalls hi moments with Guddan. AJ holds Guddan’s hand and cries. They both cry. AJ is imagining her. Antra says AJ. AJ says how dare you come here. You shouldn’t have entered this house. she says my black hands.. they are working. AJ says the entire city’s police are looking for you. AJ calls the police. Antra says you think I would be this stupid? I have a gift for you. Open it. AJ opens the box. There are blood and nail in it. AJ screams. He says whose nail is it? What is this? She says Angad. He is very brave. Aj throttles her and says I will kill you. Than Antra say if you kill me how would you find Angad? Guddan’s love has made you stupid. Angad is alive. Dadi says what do you want. Antra says please don’t cry. He is alive. Does AJ say what do you want? She says yes now we are talking. She says if you tell the police I can kill Angad. Aj throttles her and says don’t act over smart. If you harm Guddan or Angad I will kill you. Antra says I know they are precious to you. That’s why I use them. If you do as I say he would be alive or you will see Angad’s body. She leaves. Durga says AJ you can’t be angry. should we tell Guddan? AJ says don’t involve her. Her life can be in trouble. Also, she can harm Angad. I have to do something. The written update of 05 September 2019 Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega ends here.