Today’s episode of 11 September 2019 Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega starts as we see Akshat expressing his gratitude towards Guddan for doing so many sacrifices for his family. Guddan also apologizes to Akshat for hurting him. But Akshat asks her to forget everything and make a new start with him. Akshat promises Guddan to be with her in every painful situation. Guddan also promises him the same. Both of them determine to be with each other always. Akshat is happy as everything is sorted now. On the other hand, Antara is kept in the lock-up but still, she has an attitude. A lady constable threatens to bit her with the rod. Antara is happy as she has another plan to defeat Guddan and Guddan will not be able to learn about it. Meanwhile, her goons kidnap Angad from the parking of Jindal house which is Antara’s second plan.

Antara determines to defeat Guddan and make her feel helpless. She also intends to make all the family members blame Guddan for whatever happens.

Meanwhile, Angad sees Akshat and Guddan coming back in the car. He tries to escape from the goons and call Akshat for help but the goons catch him again. The goons take Angad on the other side of the parking. By that time a reverse alarm of a car starts beeping. Guddan and Akshat go to check the same. They wonder as they don’t find anyone there. On the other hand, the goons start beating Angad very badly. Angad collapses on the floor. He still calls Akshat as ‘Bhai’. Akshat feels that someone called him but Guddan doesn’t hear the voice. So she tells him that it must be his hallucination. Guddan asks Akshat to ignore it and move towards the home as everyone will be waiting. They reach the main door where Dadi, Durga, and Lakshmi are waiting to welcome both of them. While the welcoming ritual is going on, Revati looks for Angad.

While Guddan is about to enter the house with her footprints with holy kumkum water, Revati asks Guddan about Angad. Akshat and Guddan get shattered to know that Angad has not reached home yet. Guddan tells everyone that she had rescued Angad and asked him to go home. She also tells everyone that Angad had promised her that he will go home directly. Revati keeps blaming Guddan for not keeping her promise of Angad’s safety. Akshat asks Guddan to take him to the mill where Antara had kept Angad. Guddan takes everyone there. She gets shocked to see the wall built up again. Akshat along with his sons break the bricks. They all see Angad tied there. Everyone tries to wake up Angad but he doesn’t. Revati also tries to rub his palms but she notices that there is no movement which shocks everyone. Revati finds a letter where Antara blames Guddan for Angad’s death. Antara celebrates in the lock-up. Guddan explains to everyone that she had rescued Angad earlier. Guddan notices hatred in Revati’s eyes.

Akshat also tells Guddan that she should have not left Angad alone. Guddan gets very furious with Antara as her entire family gets devastated with Angad’s death. She straightway goes to meet Antara in the police station. Antara reminds Guddan about the sacrifice she had told Guddan. She teases Guddan by telling the entire plan. Guddan gets very furious with Antara as Antara becomes very shameless and intends to ruin Guddan’s life. Will Guddan be able to take revenge from Antara? Stay tuned for more updates.