Today’s episode of 12 September 2019 Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega starts as we see Guddan getting furious with Antara for killing Angad. Antara still shows her shameless side as she tells Guddan that she just wanted to defeat Guddan and nothing else. Guddan gets very angry. She attacks Antara but the police constable stops her. Guddan determines to take revenge from Antara. But Antara is happy to see Guddan crying as she is defeated and Angad is no more. She keeps on making Guddan angry.

Guddan blames Antara for killing two innocent people and tells Antara that her Karma will not forgive her. Antara is happy as she has a master plan behind killing Angad. Meanwhile, everyone in the Jindal house gathers for the after funeral riots of Angad. Durga tells Guddan that Revati is not stable emotionally due to Angad’s demise. Revati recollects the moments spent with Angad. Guddan comes to console her. But Revati gets very angry with Guddan. She blames Guddan for Angad’s death. Revati blames Guddan for saving Akshat and not Angad. Guddan tries to explain to her but Revati doesn’t listen to her. Revati also calls Guddan as her stepsister as she is devastated with Angad’s demise. Akshat makes Revati understand that she should not blame Guddan for Angad’s demise as Guddan had rescued him from Antara’s goons. She also breaks all the ties with Guddan which shocks Guddan. Guddan tries to make Revati understand that it is all Antara’s trap to create misunderstandings between the family. Dadi, Kaushalya everyone else tries to make Revati understand that Antara is responsible for Angad’s death but Revati doesn’t listen to anyone.

Guddan assures everyone that she will make Revati realize that Antara is the culprit. After some time, Revati gets very frustrated. She keeps on throwing all the things in the room. By that time Guddan arrives there. Related stops suddenly. She keeps on blaming Guddan again. Guddan asks Revati to hit her if she really feels that Guddan failed to rescue Angad. Revati recollects all those moments when Guddan had saved her, cared for her. But she still asks Guddan to leave from there. Guddan even apologizes to Revati. Revati starts crying a lot. She finally realizes that Guddan is not responsible for Angad’s death. Both the sisters hug each other. Revati determines to take revenge from the real culprit who killed Angad. On the other hand, Guddan finds Akshat feeling guilty for Angad’s death. She makes him calm down. She also tells Akshat that Antara will get punished for her sins.

Akshat feels sad as Angad was so innocent and still Antara killed him for no reason. Dadi tells Akshat that Antara will get very rigorous punishment for all the sins she has done. By that time Durga informs Guddan that Lakshmi saw Revati going out of the house in a hurry. Everyone wonders about it. But Guddan knows where Revati has gone. On the other hand, Revati enters the police station with her face covered. Antara doesn’t recognize her. Revati puts Antara on gunpoint. Inspector tries to prevent her from doing such a crime. Guddan and Akshat also arrive there. They also ask Revati to put the gun down. But Revati is so determined that she doesn’t pay attention to them. Antara keeps on instigating Revati by asking her to shoot her. Guddan keeps on making Revati calm down. Revati, at last, puts the gun down. Guddan tells Antara that even though she has stopped her sister from shooting her, Revati will get justice by law and Antara will be hanged till death. Antara still has something planned from her side. Will Antara be able to create tiffs between Guddan and her family? Stay hooked to find out. The written update of 12 September 2019 Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega ends here.