In today's episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, we see about Antra finds a new person name Parv to take revenge with Guddan.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho payega 13 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Antra Finds a new Villain for Guddan

Today’s episode of 13 September 2019 Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega starts as we see Guddan’s nightmare where she sees Antara shooting at Akshat. She gets very scared and wakes up. Akshat makes her calm down. Guddan gets very much afraid about the nightmare. Akshat tells her that Antara is in jail and she cannot harm them anymore. Akshat also assures her to be with her always. After a while Guddan sees Angad’s photo She tells Akshat that it has been 13 days for Angad’s demise. Akshat recollects that it is Guddan’s birthday but he also feels that if he wishes her, it will give her more pain.

But Guddan learns that he must be wanting to wish her but also knows that Akshat understands her situation. After some time riots of Angad’s 13th day of demise begins. By that time delivery boys come up with a birthday cake and gift for Guddan. Guddan gets angry with them as it is a sad moment in the house. Akshat tells her that no one has ordered the cake. The delivery boy tells Guddan that the cake and gift were ordered by Angad a month ago. Everyone gets very emotional. Dadi and Akshat ask Guddan to respect Angad’s last wish and cut the cake. Guddan cuts the cake. She keeps the first piece of the cake in front of Angad’s photo as an offertory. The delivery boy also gives a gift voucher which has 2 nights stay for Guddan and Akshat. Guddan finds a letter inside the envelope where Angad has written to her. He wanted Guddan and Akshat to go for a honeymoon. After some time Akshat enters the room with a piece of cake for Guddan.

He finds Guddan crying with Angad’s photo in hand. He requests Guddan to have a bite of the cake for Angad’s happiness. By that time Revati enters the room. She also suggests Guddan (Kanika Mann) and Akshat go on the vacation planned by Angad which was in his last wish. Akshat and Guddan agree for the same. Guddan assures Revati to make everything fine. On the other hand, Parv meets Antara in jail. He introduces himself to Antara as Siddhi’s husband. He also tells her that Guddan is the common enemy of both of them. Antara still pretends to be smarter than him as she has a lot of egos. She praises herself as she feels that she has ruined Guddan’s life. But Parv clears her misunderstanding as Antara assumes that she has defeated Guddan. Antara gets furious with Parv. But Parv offers a deal to Antara to defeat Guddan. In the Jindal house, Akshat and Guddan get ready to go on the vacation. While leaving the house, Akshat slips from the floor. Guddan holds him. She gets very panic.

Akshat tells her that he slipped due to some water on the floor. Guddan scolds the servant. But Akshat makes her realize that it is not a big issue and she is overreacting. Guddan gets to calm down. She apologizes to the servant. Akshat tells Dadi that Guddan is being over-worried about him as she saw a bad nightmare. Dadi takes Guddan and Akshat to seek blessings from Lord Krishna. Meanwhile, Antara joins hands with Parv to ruin Guddan’s happiness. Meanwhile, Dadi blesses Guddan and Akshat to be with each other always. She asks Guddan and Akshat to make a new start. The written update of 13 September 2019 Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega ends here.

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