In the IWMBuzz, we saw how Guddan wakes up after one month in some hut where a doctor treated her and removed the bullet.

Today’s episode of 18 September 2019 Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega starts as we see Guddan ‘s parents pay a visit to the Jindal Bhavan to see Guddan, they start crying and tell Guddan to not leave them again. She asks them about Revathi, so they tell her that Revathi stays in the Bhavan. Lakshmi tells Guddan that Revathi had gone to the temple and will be back soon.

On returning, Revathi informs Guddan about her marriage with Parv. Guddan tries breaking Revathi mangal sutra to break Revathi’s marriage. Revathi stops her and tells her that Parv has changed and is a better person now.

Guddan asks her family about why they allowed Revathi and Parv’s marriage. They tell her that AJ made this decision and no one could stop him. Guddan stays adamant about exposing Parv’s real side. She goes to Aj to ask about Revathi and Parv’s marriage.

Guddan confronts AJ regarding the same. He tells her that he doesn’t give a damn about her family and even tears her family picture and gives it back to her. Durga also is convinced with Guddan about Parv not being improved. Guddan tries convincing Revathi to end her marriage with Parv. But Revathi tells her about being happy with Parv.

Later, the police arrive at the Jindal Bhavan and call out for Guddan. They tell the family that Guddan didn’t have an accident. They inform her and AJ about a witness of Aj Shooting Guddan and Guddan falling off a cliff. The written update of 18 September 2019 Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega ends here.