The episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 starts with Vansh going near Ridhima and checking her foot. Vansh says he knows when his Ridhima is in pain.
Vansh gives sandals to Ridhima in which she will feel comfortable. Vansh then apologises to Ridhima. Ridhima asks why Vansh is apologising, for shooting her, blaming her or accusing her of fake pregnancy. Vansh says he regrets doing everything and apologises.

Vansh gets busy in his wardrobe. Ridhima adds some pills to Vansh’s drink. Vansh sees that in the reflection.
Ridhima asks Vansh to drink the coffee. Vansh says he is very tired and wants to sleep. Vansh goes to sleep. Ridhima sleeps beside him.

At midnight, Ridhima wakes up and leaves. Vansh calls Angre and informs her that Ridhima just left her room. Ridhima goes into Angre’s room and exchanges the gun’s box with the violin box. Angre calls Vansh and informs him that Ridhima left his room with the gun box.

Ridhima is about to leave, but Aryan stops her and tries to see what is in the box. Ridhima says she is going to the garden to practice the violin. Vansh comes and defends Ridhima.
Dadi comes and asks Aryan to check the box. Aryan opens the box and sees the violin in it.

Later, Ridhima goes to Vyom and gives the box. Vyom takes out the violin and sees the gun inside the box. Vyom says Ridhima did her work very well.
Vansh observes Ridhima and Vyom. Vansh says Ridhima is helping his enemies. Vansh gets angry and returns home. Vansh finds Ridhima sleeping in their bedroom and gets shocked, he thinks how Ridhima can return home so early.

Vansh goes to Siya and says the garden is near her and if she heard Ridhima practicing the violin. Siya says she saw Ridhima practicing the violin and the sound was horrible, so she was wearing earbuds.

Aryan comes to Dadi and says one more ancestor’s thing got robbed.