The episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 starts with Kiara recollecting give a black box to someone in the club. She realises that she gave the black box to Vansh.

Kaira also recollects someone asking her to deliver the black box, and injecting her something which makes her unconscious. Kaira thinks what is her connection with the black box.

After some time, Vansh checks the jungle map and shows the place from where he and Ridhima had jumped, when they were attacked. Vansh says he was unconscious for 6 hours and something happened to Ridhima, which is why she is going against her family. Vansh asks Angre to go to that place and try to find something which can lead them to their 6 hours mystery.

Meanwhile, A delivery boys get a parcel for Ridhima. Chanchal takes the parcel and opens it. Chanchal sees a pendant and gets delighted. A waiter informs Ridhima that Chanchal received her parcel.

Ridhima lies to Chanchal that the pendant is not really and costs around Rs 150. Chanchal gets upset and returns the pendent.
Later at 2 am, Siya returns home. Ridhima sees her and asks where she is coming from. Ishani comes there and says Siya is grown up now and Ridhima should not interfere in her life.

The next day, Angre packs his back to go on his mission. Ishani wears a sari and tries to flirt with Angre. Angre says he has some urgent work to do, they can spend some time later.

Later, Ridhima goes to Vansh’s office and tries to open the locker. Vansh comes and asks what she is doing in his office. Ridhima says Vansh must have forgotten about their anniversary, but she did not, so she bought a gift for herself. Vansh takes the pendant and keeps it in the locker. Ridhima notices that Vansh keeps the locker remote in his file.

Vansh tells Ridhima that did not forget their anniversary and will gift Ridhima her memory of 6 hours, which she is hiding from him.