The episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 starts with Sara looking at Vansh’s pic on her laptop and thinks it will be easy to kill Vansh. The room service man comes with a juice. He mistakenly drops the juice on Sara’s wardrobe. The room service man cleans the room and says he will get another juice. Sara says she would have killed that man, but now she wants to focus on killing Vansh. She opens her bag and thinks about how she can kill Vansh with; a gun, a Knife, a string of the better option which is the poison of Black Mamba.

Meanwhile, Angre checks Dadi’s wardrobe and asks where she kept the black box. Dadi says she kept it in the locker but now it’s missing. Angre asks if Dadi doubts anyone. Dadi says only her family is staying in the hotel and her family will never try to steal something from her room. Angre asks Dadi to thinks about where the black box can be. Dadi says her BP is getting high thinking about the black box. Angre says Vansh won’t like the news, but he has to inform Vansh.
Ridhima searches Vansh. She asks Angre where is Vansh. Angre says he is trying to call Vansh, but Vansh is not answering the call, also he searched the hotel but cannot find Vansh. Angre says he will try to find Vansh. Ridhima worries about Vansh. Her ring falls in the pool. Sara gets the ring and gives it to Ridhima. Ridhima gets more stressed and asks what Sara is doing there. Sara says she has come to complete her work. Sara says she will kill Vansh.
Sara holds someone’s body under the water and tells Ridhima that her work is almost dead. She says that Ridhima cannot find Vansh as he is already dead. Ridhima leaves.

Ridhima goes into her room and thinks about where Vansh can go. Sara comes out from Ridhima’s bathroom and says she has a surprise for Ridhima. Ridhima asks what is Sara talking about. Sara says Ridhima snatched her love years ago, so now Sara will snatch Vansh from Ridhima. Sara leaves. She writes a note that Ridhima’s surprise is in her bathroom.
Ridhima sees a dead body and gets scared. She calls Angre. Anger check and realises that he is a servant from their hotel. Angre asks the manager to clean the room.

Later, Ridhima again tries to search Vansh. Vansh comes to Ridhima and says he went out to take a gift for Ridhima. Ridhima says she wants to say something. Sara comes there and acts like she met Ridhima after years. Sara says she is Gayatri her school friend. Ridhima introduces her to Vansh. Vansh leaves as he gets a call. Sara says after midnight she will start with her work and will be having 12 hours to kill Vansh. Ridhima says no matter what she will protect Vansh.