The episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 starts with Ridhima discovering a place underneath the tea estate. Vyom comes looking for Ridhima. Ridhima finds Vansh’s phone. A Girl stops her and says they have to protect Tear Of Laila, she takes Ridhima with her. Ridhima thinks that the girl misunderstood her for someone else. She takes Ridhima to the diamond and says it’s safe. The girl tells Ridhima that she isn’t that girl. Ridhima tries to escape. The girl pulls Ridhima’s veil and says bhabhi. Ridhima takes off the girl’s veil and is shocked to see Siya. The light goes off, Vyom steals the diamond. He says thanks to Angre that he told him the Ridhima wore Arab clothes or else he would never have reached here.

Siya asks where did the diamond go. Ridhima tells her where was she. She says that everyone was worried for her especially Vansh. Siya says that she knows and she wanted to come back. She says that she saw Vansh here on a bicycle so follow him but he disappeared. She says that she wanted to get the diamond for Vansh so that he could forgive her. Ridhima takes Siya home. Dadi slaps and scolds her. Ishani says that she was in touch with Siya so she knew she was safe. Dadi says that she was with their enemy Vyom. Siya says that Vyom is an evil person he had brainwashed her. She says she wanted to escape when she came to know that he was playing to hurt Vansh. Dadi tells her to never do it again. She says that Vansh would be happy to see her, she hopes he is fine.

Angre asks Ridhima if she is fine. She yes but needs support to live. She tells him that he is Vansh’s loyal man so she trusts him. Angre gets a call he says he will reach there. Ridhima follows him. Ridhima says that she knows Vyom has stolen the diamond and Angre is going to meet him. She says that she won’t leave Ange for cheating on Vansh. She has put a tracking chip around his neck. She exclaims that she will steal the diamond. Vyom shows Agre the diamond, he says it’s beautiful. They see a car coming so leave the room.

Ridhima enters the room and steals the diamond. Angre asks Vyom when will he get his share. He says he will get his payment once King Akeel gives me the money. Ridhima hides, she falls in a huge truck and gets trapped. She wonders how she will come out, she thinks of Vansh.