Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 09 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Rohit and Rohan came to know the real culprit and beat him up.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 09 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode:  Rohit beat up Sumit

Today’s Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 09 August episode begins with Sonakshi (Deepika Kakar) saying she will sit here and study, she had exams after 15 days, call her when her shot was ready. The shot was on. Rohit (Karan Grover) asked where Sumit, he maybe in make up room was. Akash said it was cooking scene going on. Rohit asked him to write the recipe. The lady said her lines and added few things in Kali Dal. Akash looked on. Rohit asked shall they go. Akash said he had to talk to director. Rohit said not to get into this. Akash said he will talk. He said this shot wasn’t nice. Netra said he had seen him. Akash said he ran a restaurant. Netra said Akash Sippy. Rohit said he is his uncle. She asked what his problem was. Rohit said nothing this time. Netra asked Akash what was his problem. Akash said her actor took black grams and added haldi in it, who added haldi, who added this alum to explode the cooker, this won’t help, this will melt in the water. Sonakshi came and said Rohit.

Akash said it was happening wrong, shoot the right way. Netra asked why her entire family was after her show, Rohit told her profession of her family members. Ajit said builder, surgeon, and restaurant owner. She said give her list so that she would tell writers not to put these professions scenes. Sonakshi said they shall ask Rohit to write the script. Rohit asked Akash not to get into this, they can do anything without degree, surgery to cooking. Ajit said they had come to take selfie with her hero. Sonakshi asked Sumit. She went after them. Sumit collided with Rohan and asked who he was. Rohan said he heard he was the hero of this show. Sumit said he was a superstar. Rohan asked Ajit to meet a superstar. Ajit said superstar and such cheap actions. Sumit asked who he was. Akash said worry for himself, they had come to teach him a lesson. Sumit said they all were intoxicated, security will beat them, just go. Rohit said call security, call the police, if he had the courage, then call the army. Sonakshi and everyone came.

Rohit said that was his family, they all knew about the bad thing he had done on the fashion show night. Sumit said he came here for that nonsense. He laughed. He said Dr. Rohit, why would he do this childish thing, he might have felt he had won and then got disappointed as none reached that address. He said Sonakshi’s guests had come, he will tell something, whatever happened that night, he had done it, the condition of Pooja’s clothes on the stage, he had done it. They got angry. Sumit said Pooja was innocent; he had conflicts with Sonakshi, that plan was for Praniti, Pooja was just a victim, it was equal now, he messed with him to impress Sonakshi, they were sorted now. Sonakshi said he was such a cheap man. Sumit said yes lift him in her arms maybe he will change. Rohan got angry. Sumit asked him to stop. He said look at this, he can read, it was anticipatory bail, he got this from court in the morning, Rohit gathered evidence. Netra asked what was happening. Sumit said her heroine’s friends had creating a mess, throw them out, he will not shoot if he see Rohit here.

Sonakshi played the recording. She had recorded everything and taunted him. She gave her phone to Rohit. She said he had confessed his crimes, they can’t have bigger proof. Sumit asked what was happening; these recordings werr useless, his uncle was the ACP, stay away. Rohit deleted it. Sonakshi asked why he deleted it. Rohit said they were not planning to give it to police, why to disturb his ACP uncle, they were enough for him. Sumita asked Netra to get them out. Netra said shut the main gate; none will go out until she says. Rohit shouted Pooja. Yash got Pooja there. Yash said this man was her culprit, she will punish him. Pooja slapped Sumit. Sumit said how dare she. Rohit, Rohan and others beat Sumit. The people recorded this. Pooja hugged Sonakshi and cried. Sumit folded hands. Rohit said he should apologize to those women whom he abused, he had to respect women, Netra, Sonakshi and everyone here, sorry to come here and do this, no one paid attention until this happened with them, this can happen with anyone in their family. Sonakshi looked on.

Rohit asked the lady not to put the recording on social media to get likes and comments, Pooja and Pari will become topic of gossip. Sumit said Rohit, he didn’t do good. He asked driver to get the car. Driver said him to drive it, he didn’t want to work for beast like him. He gave the keys. Rohit said sorry Netra ji, the hero left because of them. Sonakshi said sorry, but it was important to teach Sumit a lesson. Netra said she did right. Ajit said Pooja was fine now. Netra said they deal with such men and they do take them to task, she will replace Sumit. Rohan asked how, he was the hero. She said no, their show’s hero was his character Kunal, actor will change. Sonakshi said it took time to accept new face, they can show that Kunal met with an accident and they will do plastic surgery, they will show his face was bandaged and then a new face, a new Kunal. Akash said if Nishi was here, she would have fainted.

Netra said Parvati should do Kunal’s surgery. Rohit saidvplastic surgery was not a joke. Netra said she wasn’t joking, surgeon will do it. She asked Sonakshi to come on the sets, her scenes will be more. Netra asked Akash to come and check the Dal. Akash laughed and went with Rohan and Ajit. The man got food for Rohit. Sonakshi said he was a heart surgeon, he won’t eat fried food, get salad. Rohit said he will have it, he was heart surgeon, not a heart patient, his patients can’t eat this, he can eat it, they sindhis like such samosas and kachoris, it was tasty, he will come to have this again. He asked Sonakshi to have it. She asked for salad. She said she didn’t know he ate this. He said one should eat everything, balance and exercise keep health better, it was a free advice, note it down. He said thanks, they could have never reached Sumit without her. She smiled seeing him. The written update of 09 August 2019 Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, watch Rohit gives Sonakshi his favourite jacket. Stay tuned!

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