Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 18 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Rohit is unable to track the number but decides to support Pooja on her important day.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 18 July 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Rohit couldn’t track the number

Today’s Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 18 July episode begins with Rohit visiting a telecom company and asking the man to help him track the number. The man apologized and asked to come tomorrow. Rohit (Karan Grover) shouted please Sir. Sonakshi (Deepika Kaur) cried recalling Suman and Pari’s words. Sunita came. Sonakshi said Pari said she wanted to control her, mum and Pari didn’t know Sumit. She explained she had ethics and didn’t want to talk to Sumit. She cried. Rohit said he had to know the location of this number, check system; someone answered the call after many years. The man said the server was closed. Rohit said he can track it. The man shouted enough and said police permission was needed to track number, lodge Fir and said to meet him. Rohit held his collar and said he called that number every day, someone answered it today, and his system was down. He left the man.

Rohit called again and cried. Sonakshi hugged Sunita and cried. Sunita consoled her. Ajit called Rohit and asked him to get Sukhmani’s diamond necklace. Rohit said fine. Ajit asked if he was fine. Veena asked if Rohit was fine. Rohit cried and said nothing, he was reaching home, and he will get ready and come. Veena said okay. Naren said he was a grown up man, it was not good to worry for him, he can take care of himself, take it easy. Pari said not to irritate her. She argued with a girl. The girl asked her not to worry about her dress. Pari got angry on Sonakshi. Sonakshi said it was time to hide the storm of heart behind the makeup, get ready with a smile. Rohit came home. He called the number again. Veena came. Rohit said Ajit called her. She asked what happened. He said ready. She asked if he called on the number again. He cried and said he called every day, no one answered. Someone answered today for the first time. She asked who. He said he didn’t know, it was some man, he said hello and then disconnected. She hugged him. They cried. She said time didn’t stop for anyone, they had to move on, he can’t go back in past, free you.

He said she was right, it was Pooja’s special day, and he can’t miss it. She made him wear the coat. He asked how he looked. She signed well. He said she also looked pretty and asked her to be his date today. She said when the guy was so handsome; she should go on the date. They left. Sonakshi asked Sunita to go and have food; they would start getting ready after some time. Veena asked driver to drive fast, Naren was waiting. Rohit got the message and saw Pooja and other contestants’ pics. Rohit asked mom, whom would be choose between him and Naren. She asked what this question was. He said not to worry for dad. She said he was a heart surgeon; person was alive until he had a heartbeat, he was her heart and Naren was her heartbeat, simple. Sonakshi checked dresses. Lights went off. She called out Sunita. Someone came to her. She got away and asked who it was. She used her phone torch and saw Karan. She asked what he was doing here. He said his GF Dolly, she was in top 5 finalists, and he got to know she was also here, so he had come. She pushed him and went out. She asked anyone was there. She asked the crew member to check the lights. The man said to give him 5mins.

Karan said not to waste the time. She shouted get out, else he can’t show this face to anyone. He said her attitude didn’t go, she was a tv big star, he was struggling actor. He went. She shut the door. He said it was good time to shame her. Sippys came for the fashion show. Nishi was very excited for Pooja. She hugged Yash. Veena went to Naren. He asked if everything was fine. She said yes. Rohit went to surprise Sukhmani. Veena made her wear the diamond necklace. Sukhmani said she forgot this at home. Veena said Nishi was tensed. Rohan and Tanya clicked selfies. Nishi said she was nervous, she needed a drink. Rohan said go to the bar. Deepa clicked selfie with Sukhmani. Mrs. Mehra greeted Naren and Veena. She called out Rohan. Rohit greeted them. He said Akash was calling him. Deepa said Tanya was calling her. Naren said he will see them. Mrs. Mehra asked about Rohit’s marriage. Veena said he changed the topic always. Mrs. Mehra said he would agree soon. Veena said he was alone again; don’t know when they will get Rohit’s life partner. Sonakshi was ready. She went to wish Pari. Sumit looked on. Pari asked the girl to fix her gown, the hook was very loose. The girl said she will fix it. Sumit recalled Sonakshi’s words.

The written update of 18 July 2019 Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episode full story ends here.
In the upcoming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, watch Suman and Deepa argue to get the seat while Sonakshi and Rohit join them. Stay tuned!

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