Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 25 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Sonakshi makes a deal with Ashish to stop from pictures to leak.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 25 July 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Sonakshi resolves Pooja’s issue

Today’s Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 25 July episode begins with Sonakshi (Deepika Kakar) contacting Rohit (Karan Grover). She was sad he wasn’t answering. Rohit answered and said not to call him. She said please. He threw the phone. He said no one believed that Sonakshi was the culprit. Deepa said he was right. Akash said Sonakshi couldn’t do this. He tried to convince Rohit and went. Deepa told her plan. Sonakshi felt bad for Pooja and wanted to help. Yash said to spend the money but this news shouldn’t come out. Nishi came. He asked how Pooja was. She said she had put her to sleep. She cried and said she can’t be strong now. He consoled her. Naren came and said he came to apologize, he raised hand on Pooja. Nishi said he had all the right on her. He promised he won’t let anything happen to her.

Yash asked how they will stop this news. Nishi said please stop this news. He asked her to calm down. Sumit said it was fun, Rohit won’t forget this insult, he had ashamed Sonakshi without slapping her. He got the designer’s call. She said Event Company said there will be an enquiry, if she gets caught, her career will end. Sumit said relax, don’t take tension, Sippy family had doubt on Sonakshi and asked her to leave the city, he will book her tickets said don’t call him again. Netra came to meet Sonakshi. She asked if she handled everything. Netra said she tried her best to stop this news. Sonakshi said there would be some way. Netra said there was a man. Sonakshi said nothing was important than Pooja. Netra said Ashish Mhatre. Sonakshi said she knew he was a mad, cheap and weird man, she will meet him. Sonakshi said she was sure, they didn’t have much time. Netra said she will talk to him. Deepa said Sonakshi will pay for this. Rohit agreed. Sonakshi came to Ashish’s office. He asked what she would like to have. She said Netra must have told him what to do. He said it was unfortunate, why was she interfering in this matter, she was someone else’s daughter, her parents will handle it, she had come to him for her sake. She said she knew he can do this easily.

He said he can stop this news, but she must do something for him, the people in the neighboring cities were her fans, she had to please them, there was a wedding in his family, the people in his village are her fans, she would have to come in the wedding, he will stop this news, it was a promise. Sonakshi agreed and warned Pooja’s news must not come out in any newspaper. He applied a thumb impression on blank paper and gave her. He said he always kept his word. She said she didn’t care what Rohit thinks about her, Pooja will be safe now. Suman got newspapers and said Pari’s victory pics will come and Nishu will be humiliated. Sonakshi also checked. Suman said Pari will become famous. Pari said she did it, she was happy. Naren and everyone checked newspapers. Rohit said no newspaper published the news, how did everyone decide not to publish it. Sonakshi said no one wrote about Pooja. Suman asked why she was not happy.

Sonakshi said she was upset about Pooja. Suman asked why. Pulkit asked what if this happened with Pari. Suman slapped and said stay in her limits, Pari told her everything, Pari was fortunate to get saved. She scolded him. Sonakshi stopped him. He left. Sonakshi said it was his fault, she said sorry to Pari. Suman got a call and hugged Pari. Suman said she got the first ad. Pari was happy. Sonakshi said Tushar was a big director, what was the ad about. Suman said Pari was really lucky. Sonakshi said she should have been with Pari in her happiness. Nishi said family was most important thing. Pooja thanked her. She stayed sad. She said sorry. Nishi said not to apologise. Rohit said he had no time today, reschedule it. He asked Yash how Ashish agreed. Yash said he was confused. Rohan said there were such people who change mind. Veena said it was good that news didn’t get published. The written update of 25 July 2019 Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, watch Sonakshi’s show gets ruined and Rohit colds her. They both end up arguing. Stay tuned!

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