Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Rohit chases Sonakshi to the ladies washroom to convince her for dinner.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Rohit convinces Sonakshi

Today’s Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26 August episode begins with Yash asking Rohit (Karan Grover) what he was doing there. Sonakshi (Deepika Kakar) met with her fan Mahi. They took selfies. Veena looked on. She asked if she talked to Rohit. Sonakshi said no, he didn’t meet her. Veena said he promised that he will get her home for dinner. Sonakshi said she wanted to tell her a truth. The lady took her along. Yash said Kewalramani invited them here, he was going, Rohan gifted diamond bracelet to Tanya, he didn’t gift anything to Nishi, he will go to a jewellery shop and come. The man asked Sonakshi to come and get pictures clicked with his friends. Rohit waved to Sonakshi. Sonakshi smiled. The lady said they had served the food; one who hadn’t kept the fast can eat food. Rohit came and hugged Sonakshi. The lady held her and clicked selfie. Sonakshi looked around. Veena stopped Rohit. Sonakshi went. Veena said this was what Sonakshi wanted to tell her but couldn’t, they were going for the prayers. Sonakshi got Suman’s call and said she will leave in some time. Rohit said they were hosting a dinner party tonight, he told the family he will get her. She said he was out of his mind.

He got Dr. Dimpy’s call. She ran away. The women performed the puja. Sonakshi was with her fans. Rohit said please say yes. A plate fell down. Sonakshi asked him to pick the things. She went. He picked the mehendi and said to be his Girlfriend. The lady asked really, the fast was very effective. Sonakshi smiled. Rohit said no. She said it was yes from her side. He said he thought she was someone else. She asked who. He showed some lady. She saw Yash. He said that was his Woh, sorry Snehal Didi. He went and hugged Yash. Sonakshi smiled. Rohit said they were gay partners. Yash asked what. The lady said what happened to guys these days. Rohit ran after Sonakshi. They entered the ladies washroom. Sonakshi asked what he was doing in ladies washroom. He said sorry. She said she won’t help him. He said he needed her help. She saw the ladies coming. She said if they saw them together, it will be a scandal, her image will be spoiled. She hid Rohit. They heard the ladies talking about Sonakshi. Rohit said just say yes, else he will shot, it will be a scandal, everyone will know Sonakshi had an affair. Sonakshi said quiet.

The ladies talked further and praised Veena Sippy. They talked about Rohit, that he was a bachelor, he had a serious problem, so he wasn’t marrying, he was much handsome, and it may be anything. Rohit said he didn’t have any problem. Sonakshi said she will come for dinner if he kept quiet. He asked here or at the dinner. She said here, be quiet. The ladies gossiped and left. Sonakshi said be here, she will go and see. They left. They argued about the way. Veena saw them and said they looked so cute together, how romantic. She sent Nishi the other way. Rohit said thanks for saying yes, it was matter of few months. Sonakshi said no, she can’t bear these stupid ideas for long. She had three conditions, she was doing this dinner thing just tonight, he had to tell the family about the breakup in 10 days, not to include her. He said 10 days were less. She said just his family will know this, not her family and media. He nodded.

She said for the next 15 days, he will do what she said. He said agreed, she had to come for dinner tonight. She said yes. He said thanks. He hugged her and went. She said there was nothing like that, she was helping her good friend, Veena was upset that day, Rohit didn’t miss Raima but love, maybe he brought love in his life as a friend. Pari saw Rohan at the cafe. She took coffee for him. He said sorry, he was busy and didn’t notice. She said his name was announced at the counter, so he had got the coffee for him. She said she came to meet a model coordinator. He said finish her meeting, he will finish his meeting, and then they will talk. She said sure. Sonakshi came home. Suman asked how the event was. Sonakshi said it was good; she had to go for dinner. Suman said she thought to make Methi roti for her, invite friends home, she should rest. Sonakshi said she was not going with friends, she was going to Sippy’s house, it was their festival, Rohit was insisting and Veena also forced, she had to do. Suman said she may go, take some rest. Sonakshi said thanks. She went. Suman said she had to do something; both her daughters were getting close to this family. The written update of 26 August 2019 Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, watch Veena insists Sonakshi to do the pooja but she hesitates she didn’t keep the past. Sonakshi goes to do the pooja. Stay tuned!

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