Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Pari was angry as Ppja snatched her ad offer.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26 July 2019 Preview: Pooja gets Pari’s ad

Today’s Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26 July episode begins with Sonakshi (Deepika Kakar) apologizing to Pari. Pari said she was feeling bad for Pooja, but she forgot to get happy for her success. Sonakshi said she promised to read all the articles written about her. She convinced her that she will always support her. Pari laughed and said such a heavy dialogue, was it from TV show. Sonakshi said what she felt for her. Pari said when her show stopped, she wrote the dialogues. Sonakshi said a good idea, everyone thought whatever she said were just dialogues, and she was thinking to drop her. Pari said of course. Suman called Pari. Nishi got a call. Yash’s mum said she addresses her as mummy ji, not aunty ji, she was in the hospital, and she won’t meet her. Nishi said Pooja’s incident. Yash’s mum said she knew everything, Yash told her, he will never leave her, he left fashion show that day to come to her, she had snatched her son. Nishi ended the call and said this woman was the limit.

Ajit said Pooja had got an ad shoot. Everyone clapped. Pooja said Tushar had been her in the beauty contest and liked her, he offered her the ad. Rohit (Karan Grover) said congrats, it was the beginning, she will drop her today. Sukhmani said they shall party. Deepa came and asked what was happening. Akash said Pooja got an ad film. Deepa said congrats. Akash said they will party in his restaurant. Ajit said no, they should party in a big restaurant. Akash said they won’t spend so much. Rohit signed Deepa. She nodded. Nishi said they weren’t done talking. Yash recalled going to his mum. Sonakshi asked Pari to rock it. Pari went. Sonakshi asked her to take the umbrella. Pari said it was okay, she will go. A car passed by. Dirt fell over Sonakshi’s face. Rohit asked driver to drive carefully. He said he will apologize and come.

He saw Sonakshi and said he was about to say sorry, he thought it happened for the best, the face mirrored the heart, it was matching, nothing was written about Pooja in any newspaper. Sonakshi argued. They left. Pooja asked shall they go. Pari asked why she should leave. Tushar said sorry, agency was going to call her and inform that they were going to shoot the ad with other model. Pari said she was supposed to do this ad. Tushar asked her to check her email box. Pari checked and said if she was not doing the ad, which was doing this. Tushar said Pooja Sippy, after what happened with Pooja, she was in shock, they wanted to give her the dad so that she will be encouraged, and even she would want this. Pooja and Rohit looked on. Pooja gave the drink. She said she and her sister tried hard to ruin her career, even then she won, and she was doing this ad. Pari said Sonakshi hadn’t done anything. She left. Nishi said she wanted an answer right now, it was a big day for Pooja, she worked hard, he wasn’t with her, why. Yash said mom was serious, he was helpless, and he informed Rohit and Sukhmani. She said she was in the hospital that meant nothing to him.

She made him so many calls, he didn’t answer, they returned home and then he pretended as if he handled everything alone. He said she thought he pretended. She said he should have been with Pooja. He said his mum was serious, everyone was with Pooja, and his mum was alone. He scolded Nishi. He said he will go and meet his mum many times. He got very angry and scolded her. She cried. He left. Sonakshi recalled Pooja and said it kept flashing in front of her eyes, Karan and Sumit were present at the event, one of them was responsible for this, but it can’t be Karan, he didn’t have courage and smartness to do this, he was angry at me, he can’t think of doing this with Pari. She had called Amrita and got to know something, Ilshe will not spare the real culprit. Rohit asked when she came. Deepa said just 10 mins back, sign the papers. Nurse came to confirm appointment. Rohit said send chocolates and stuffed toy for Preeti from their side, it was her first day at school after surgery. Deepa said get cared for his patients so much. He checked papers and said he wanted to teach a lesson to Rastogis, they won’t do this again, and when will the papers reach them. She said by this afternoon.

He signed papers and said Parvati and Sonakshi will be finished. Amrita asked how he can say this; whatever happened with Pooja was an accident, why will anyone plan this. Sonakshi said she thought Sumit did this, they had an argument, she meant he might be involved in this. Amrita said he was a famous tv personality. Sonakshi said she knew what he can do, how to tell her. She said he had a reason to do this, think about Pooja. Amrita said she had organized a show and it was hit, thanks for the coffee. She went. Sonakshi said she should have not got angry; she will talk to her with a calm mind. She went and saw Amrita talking to Sumit. Sumit saw Sonakshi. The written update of 26 July 2019 Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, watch Sonakshi gets a letter from the court wuth 15 crores return on it. She calls Rohit and Rohit says to talk in court. Stay tuned!

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