Kapil Sharma show is a comedy show which has a huge fan following. Comedies Kapil Sharma Host the show. Jishu hozen will comedian actors this year the show came with a comeback and new actors comedians which give a good graph path it has been not so successful as it was the first season.

The Kapil Sharma show casts and their massive transformation

Kapil Sharma show is a show which is been followed not in India but also in different countries of the world it has a huge fan base. Kapil Sharma show first scene where Sunil Grover was also working with him parted and the second season came with Krishna and Bharti and other comedians. The first season was a huge success people were loving the look of Sunil Grover and the story written the drama was more comedy.

The some of the actors comedian has left the show but it’s always said the show must go on and so did Kapil do it by taking new comedians his two friends and the shows going on air with excess again but the level of comedy is yet slow people hoping more from the Kapil Sharma show, yes Will do it.

The level of comedy zone before was of much more confidence and the review public was extremely enthusiasm but after seem this year Kapil Sharma show is not having that much use content of laugh but they will certainly get a graph easily quickly. Since the landmark of the shows been so huge people are expecting much more from the Kapil Sharma show. so it will definitely get its mark

The concept of the show this year is totally different the interior is different. The graph for this shows different from the previous one. Audiences started liking fish show as well.

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