The episode of the Kapil Sharma Show starts with Kapil welcoming Remo D’Souza and his team for promotion of Log Kya Kahenge song.

Kapil congratulates them for their new song and asks them to have a seat.
Later, Kapil asks Remo if in this lockdown he did some work in the house or just posted videos on Instagram. Remo replies that he forcefully did some housework as he wanted to post that on Instagram.

Kapil tells that Puneet got engaged and asks him when he will be getting married. Puneet says in 2020 as he wants to remember this year as something nice in his life.
Kapil says that now due to lockdown Puneet won’t invite them at his wedding so not they can have a small moment of his marriage. Puneet becomes Dulha, and everyone dances around him. Puneet says that he feels nice seeing his friends dancing around him.

Sapna enters. She says Hi and Bye at the same time. And says was there any need to call so many guests at a time. She doesn’t have words for many guests.
Sapna asks Remo if he has given a step for Garmi, as now in winter they need to know what is the step of Sardi.
Sapna leaves.

Kapil tells Remo that he heard a rumour that Remo came to Mumbai for Pooja Bhatt. Remo agrees with it and shares the story behind he coming to Mumbai for Pooja Bhatt.

The episode ends with freestyle dance with Remo and group.