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Kavach Mahashivratri 1 June 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Sandhya meets Kapil and gets stunned.

Kavach Mahashivratri 1 June 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Sandhya meets Kapil

Today’s Kavach Mahashivratri 1 June episode begins with Sandhya’s family taking her to a temple to get rid of the ghost. Sandhya is praying when she gets haunted by a ghost and is unable to complete the ritual.

Sandhya and Angad’s family prepare for the pre-wedding ritual. Sandhya is continuously haunted by the ghost everywhere. But she stays calm. After her mehendi ceremony, she goes to her room where she sees the ghost again. Just then, her friend enters and takes her away.
Everyone is eager for the ceremony to begin but Angad asks everyone to wait since his friend Kapil is coming. Sandhya tells him that he values Kapil more than her. He defends his friend by saying once she knows him; she would also start valuing him more.

Sandhya is dancing when Kapil enters the ceremony. She is surprised. She recalls getting a glimpse of the same man on Shivratri night at the temple. Angad introduces them both. Sandhya feels an intense attraction towards Kapil.

Sandhya and Angad get engaged. Ranjana’s father comes to the ceremony. He is there to inquire about his daughter who is missing but Sandhya’s father intervenes. He tries to tell him that it is Sandhya’s engagement and that he shouldn’t disturb anyone. He takes him to his friend who is a police and tells him that his friend will help him find Ranjana.

Then Sandhya gets Ranjana’s call but since she is unable to hear her properly, she goes to a corner to take the call. There, she sees the ghost again.

Angad’s uncle calls Misha, Angad’s ex girlfriend, to ask her to inquire and solve Ranjana’s missing case. Angad is still not over her although Misha hopes Angad moves ahead in his life. She congratulates him on his engagement.

Sandhya then encounters Kapil. She bumps into him and apologizes but he only mocks her. He compliments her beauty then. Sandhya is confused by it. She wonders why Lord Shiv showed her a glimpse of Kapil but got her paired up with Angad.
Angad tells Misha to keep a low profile at his wedding as e doesn’t want Sandhya to know about their past. But, Sandhya overhears Angad.

The written update of 1 June 2019 Kavach Mahashivratri episode full story ends.

In the upcoming episode of Kavach Mahashivratri, we see Sandhya trying to find out about Angad and Misha’s relationship.

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