The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Bojay asks Dev if Ayush told him the reason why he left the house. Dev says what happened is gone and they don’t have to discuss it. Bojay says it is important to know the reason why it should not repeat. Bojay says issues are going on between Dev and Sonakshi so that might affect Ayush too. Ayush is trying to sleep. He sees Soha and asks her if she doesn’t want to sleep. Soha asks him if he ran away from the house just because she asked him to leave. Ayush says she is grown up now and will not leave the house for small reasons. Soha says she and the whole family were worried about him. Soha apologises to Ayush and they become friends.

Dev is sitting alone and thinking about Ayush’s words. Baldev comes and asks if everything is sorted. Dev says he always claims that Ayush is like him but does not understand his problems. Baldev says Ayush is Dev and Sonakshi’s son, so some of Ayush’s qualities will be like Dev and some will be like Sonakshi. Baldev says to understand Ayush completely, Dev has to understand Sonakshi. Dev thinks about it.

Sonakshi goes to check on Ayush. She asks Ayush to trust her and share everything. Ayush says Ishwari wants to change his name and he doesn’t want to change his name. Sonakshi promises him that they will not change his name.

The next day, Dev gets ready for his work and comes to have breakfast. Ishwari serves him breakfast and takes some of it to Ayush. Ishwari says Ayush is like Dev, so he will like what Dev likes. Dev asks Ishwari that Ayush is like him and Sonakshi, so she should not try to make him like Dev. Dev explains to Ishwari that they should get to know Ayush, his likes and his dislikes. Ishwari agrees.