In today's episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written update 22 May 2019 the truth about Sikander uncovers. Chandan admits to being an imposter and pretending to being Sikander to fool the family.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Update Full Episode 22 May 2019: The truth is revealed

Today’s Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 22 May written update full episode begins with Kulfi missing Sikander as she listens to his songs and thinks about time spent with him. While on other hand, Bhola dreams about Kulfi and envisions her as a fairy. He startles awake by pleading the fairy to not leave him. Pakhi comes in then and requests him to not leave her side.

Kulfi is upset about Sikander and starts crying. She knows Sikander is out there somewhere and resolves to find him. As she cries, Mohinder notices her and comes in to comfort her. To make her feel good, he starts playing on their songs. Kulfi then confides in Mohinder of her worries about Sikander’s weird demeanor. Mohinder suggests her to talk to Sikander herself. But Kulfi flees from there. This makes Mohinder suspicious of Kulfi and wonders why she won’t talk to Sikander.

Later, Sikander wants Kulfi to do her singing riyaaz but due to her throat pain, Kulfi is uable to do it. This makes Sikander furious and he demands that Kulfi should always listen to his instructions. Meanwhile, Mohinder along with Lovely, Amyra and others gather around. Mohinder asks Sikander to stop but Sikander only pushes him away. An angry Sikander shatters a bottle.

Upon seeing this, everyone is surprised. The glass bottle injures Kulfi and she bursts into tears. Lovely also starts getting suspicious of Sikander’s behavior.

Sikander rushes to his room and admits on faking it. It is revealed that he is not Sikander but Chandan and is only duping the family. A flashback moment shows Chandan pushing down Sikander from a cliff.
Chandan is now angry with himself for making the Gill family suspicious of his behavior.

The written update of 22 May 2019 Kulfi Kumar Bajewala written update full episode ends.

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