This episode is all about Abhi and family decide to get Ganpati this year and there are smugglers they decide to smuggle gold in Delhi this year.

Kumkum Bhagya 06 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Smugglers plan to Sneak Gold Using Abhi’s Ganpati

The episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Vikram Asking Abhi regarding the while whether he has sent it. Abhi says that No he has not sent the file. Than Suwarni Dasi asks Abhi regarding Ganpati that did he booked the idol? Abhi says that he couldn’t go. Meera from there says that he will go today. To that Abhi also say yes will go today. Dasi says we couldn’t get good Ganapati because of you. Vikram teases Abhi calling him lazy. Abhi than questions to Bheeji regarding his upbringing and tells that haven’t you taught him that when two people are talking others should not interfere, Bheeji say that I couldn’t teach him values like you. Vikram says that I am doing work at Home. Abhi starts teasing him. Than Pallavi tells them that we have more important things to do and says that she invited the invites and they are damn excited. Meera tells Abhi to tell Dasi what he had told her. Abhi than with surprise tells and also promises Dasi that he will surely get the Ganapati Today. Then there comes Prachi and she says, good morning everyone. Pallavi than asks Prachi to join them for breakfast. Prachi says she already had breakfast. Pallavi asks her to call Aryan and Ranbir for breakfast. She says she is calling them, but they’re not coming. Beeji tells about his room. Prachi than goes towards Ranbir’s room and calls him to wake up. Ranbir than thinks that none of his quality is good. Prachi than pulls the curtain. Ranbir than holds the hand of Prachi and says that she is irritating and also say that you came even in my dream. Prachi says that I am Irritating ok and outs the water on his face. Ranbir than gets up in shock and gets more irritated. She then says you sleep without a shirt. To that, he says many people do. He gets damn angry and decides to put water on her head but just tells her, in fact, warns her not to come to his room again. Then she goes… He finds the chain on the floor and picks it. Rhea than comes there and tells him to wake up. She asks him where is your shirt? He says that is somewhere here. Rhea Than asks if he is hiding something. He says no. Rhea asks him if he is feeling shy? He says no and asks her to give him 5 mins. Rhea goes.

Than later Abhi, Prachi, Rhea and Meera four of them are in the car and are going to Pandal to order the Ganapati Idol.Than Prachi is telling Abhi that this is the first time she is going to select the idol as she had a specific budget so she never went to select the idol. she then says and now she is lots of excitement and they are going to select big and good idol of Ganapati. Than Prachi is about to tell the incident of Hoshirapur but Rhea interrupts by asking Abhi where does Pandal come. Abhi says that he also is not known that Meera explains the location. Abhi than Ask Rhea that what type of Ganpati she wants to that Rhea says that as Ganpati should be holding a guitar in his hand as her Dad is Rockstar Ganu should also be Rockstar. That Prachi says that whenever we see the idol It should see as how much it is Rocking but see as a devotion to worship. She then says that it important how promising and hopeful we feel. Abhi says that we will celebrate in a different way this time only puja and then say that Prachi is right.

Inspector than there tells all the constables that he has got a tip that there is smuggling going to take place during Ganpati. The smugglers decide to smuggle in Delhi this time and they say of wait for the end of Ganpati than our margin point will raise high than ever before. Abhi’s car stops at the checkpoint. Meera then tells that as she was reading today’s newspaper there was high alert news regarding smuggling and Delhi is high alert. Then the inspector sees Abhi, Abhi tells them that he has opened his deck inspector says that they won’t check he say that he wants a selfie with Abhi. Abhi says that you are working on holidays also and so you can click how mang selfies you want he parks his car at side and clicks selfies with him.

Then as the reach, Rhea asks Ask Abhi and Meera to go as decided. Abhi asks Prachi to stay with her. Prachi to be with Rhea and goes with Meera. Rhea tells Prachi that you proved yourself to be troublesome at the end of the day. She says this is my house and my Ganapati and asks why did she give her suggestion. She asks why? Prachi says I was telling what type of Ganapati shall be and says I know more than you, and says he is God and every-time looking cool is not good. She asks her if she knows mohawk with him. Rhea says no. Prachi says why did we do Naman to Ganapati before doing anything good. Rhea says no. Abhi likes an idol. The seller says your husband must have liked it. Meera says he is my boss. Abhi shows Meera an idol. Meera says that they want 4 hands Ganapati. To that, the seller says it is in another pandal. Then it is shown that Rhea and Prachi arguing with each other. Prachi than opens the car door without seeing, the smugglers’ bike than collides with the door and they put the sudden brake. Prachi says them sorry. The smuggler gets frustrated and angry at Prachi and is about to slap her. Rhea shouts and comes there.

She calls them loafers and asks them to get lost. Prachi says it’s my mistake and apologies. Rhea says I am here taking a stand for you and tells Prachi to be silent. The goon then takes out the knife. Rhea than says that my father is a big man. Goon than keeps back the knife and warns her that ever before leaving. Abhi than comes out and tells them that the idol is in another Pandal. The smuggler sees Abhi and leaves from there. They come to their head smuggler and tell him. The head smuggler tells that Abhishek’s Ganapati will go to Central Delhi. We have to deliver gold in Meena Bazaar and ask them to make the jewelry out of the gold and make the Ganapati wear so that everything thinks it is fake, and we can steal it and then deliver in Meera Bazaar. Abhi, Purab, Vikram are others dancing taking the Ganapati procession. The smugglers are dancing and the one tells the other that if the gold jewelry is looking original. The other smuggler asks him not to worry and they continue dancing.

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