Kumkum Bhagya 07th October 2022 Written Update S-01 Ep-2234: Rhea tells Ranbir to remove Prachi from his mind and heart as she is going to marry Sid. Ranbir tells Rhea that even if Prachi gets engaged and married to anyone, she will always remain his. He gets angry with Rhea and removes Rhea from his car and leaves her alone on the road.

In today’s Kumkum Bhagya episode, Prachi waits at the gate for Shahana and Ranbir comes there with his car and tells Prachi that she still has time and he can drop her at aunty’s house and even he will meet her. Prachi says that she will go alone. Shahana comes there and sees them fighting and goes away. Ranbir sees Shahana and calls her to convince Prachi. Rhea comes there and tells Ranbir that she has urgent work and she quickly sits in Ranbir’s car. Ranbir tells her to go in another car but she refuses. Prachi tells Ranbir to go with Rhea and tells him to meet auntie some other day. Ranbir leaves from there. Shahana and Prachi decide to follow Rhea to confirm if she is going to get a deep tissue massage. On the signal, Prachi and Shahana watch Alia going somewhere in a car and they decide to follow her. They tell the driver to be behind Alia’s car.

Then in Kumkum Bhagya, Rhea tells Ranbir that now their life will be great as it was before and they will be very happy with their child. Ranbir tells her that he doesn’t love her and he only loves Prachi and that what they both had was a mistake. Rhea tells him to remove Prachi from his heart and mind as she is going to marry Sid but Ranbir tells Rhea that he will never love her and that even if Prachi gets engaged or married to anyone or goes anywhere in this world, she will be his forever. Rhea gets frustrated and tells Ranbir that she thought Prachi was destroying her life but it’s Ranbir who is destroying her life. Ranbir gets pissed, stops the car and gets out, and stops a taxi. He tells Rhea to get out and take the taxi and go out. Rhea comes out and Ranbir leaves from there. Alia hides Sid in the car and tells him to hide down as no one should see him.

Lastly in Kumkum Bhagya, Alia receives a call from Rhea and she tells her to come to the given address as Ranbir left her alone on the road and she starts crying. Alia tells Sid that they will not go to meet Mihika today and she will take him tomorrow. He tells her that he wants to meet today but she refuses to stop the car and removes him out of the car. Prachi and Shahana see that from their car far away and go to help Sid after Alia leaves from there. Sid hurts his knee so they take Sid to the doctor. Rhea tells Alia what all Ranbir told her. Rhea tells Alia that she will never get Ranbir. According to their plan, after Prachi and Sid get married, Ranbir would have come back to Rhea but he loves Prachi only. Alia tells Rhea to calm down and tells Rhea her plan. She tells Rhea to act like she is pregnant, that is to get a fake belly, vomit, and feel dizzy so that everyone would care for her, and then Ranbir will care for her out of guilt. Rhea understands the plan and goes to the doctor. Prachi comes to the same doctor with Sid and Shahana.

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