In today's episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we see the smugglers fully ready to smuggle the Gold of the Ganapati and on the other hand, Prachi warns Ranbir to stay away from Rhea.

Kumkum Bhagya 11 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Smugglers to implement the plan by using the Pandit

Today’s episode of 11 September 2019 starts as we see Meera going towards the storeroom. She sees the smuggler threatening the priest to kill his daughter. She gets very scared. The pandit agrees to give the gold to the smuggler as he fears to lose his daughter. Meera comes to know entirely about the plan of the goons regarding smuggling the Gold. But before she turns the Goons capture her and take her inside. And then take her to the storeroom. Meanwhile, Aliya apologizes to Purab for sending him a message while he was with Pragya. Purab forgives her. By that time Pallavi comes there. She tells Purab that as the CM is coming we need to welcome her. Purab Agrees with Pallavi. Them they see CM entering along with Disha. Purab stares at her and Aliya watches Purab Reactions. Tham Alia moves inside. Purab and Pallavi welcome CM and Disha. Purab and Disha keep on staring at each other. While CM is about to leave from there, Disha expresses her wish to stay in the Mehra mansion for some time. Purab goes inside. Disha follows him. On the other hand, Sarita cooks a lot of dishes for her grandson. She looks extremely happy with him. By that time Pragya enters the house with some medicines. She gets angry with Sarita for not taking rest. Pragya gives medicines to Sarita. But Sarita denies taking the bitter medicines. Pragya scolds her for the same. So Sarita agrees to take the medicines. Sarita’s grandson appreciates Pragya for being strict with his grandmother and taking care of her. Pragya learns that Rishi works in the same company where Prachi works which is Abhi’s company. Rishi is excited to meet Prachi and Shahana as he learns many incidences about them from Sarita. Rishi expresses gratitude towards Pragya for being there for Sarita. Sarita tells him that Pragya and her daughter will always stay with her as family.

So next The goons who had drugs with them have an argument with the gold smuggler. Then they offer a deal to them. Meera than carefully listens to their entire plan of how they are about to Rob the Gold. Then they by using the Inhale Chloroform make Meera unconscious. Then as the Pandit was instructed by the Goons he goes to implement the plan. Meanwhile, Disha tells Purab that she has something which belongs to him and she wants to return it to him. In the meantime, Rhea becomes suspicious about her friends as they overhear her and Prachi’s conversation. Her friends confess that they had overheard the conversation about Ranbir. But Rhea pretends that she was just playing around. She also tells her friends that she is not with serious with Ranbir or any other guy. Aryana overhears the conversation. Rhea keeps on pretending that she might break Ranbir’s heart as she does with other guys. Rhea feels guilty for not sharing the truth that Ranbir really loves her as she would have to tell her friends that she is using Ranbir against Prachi.

On the other hand, goons take priest towards the statue of Lord Ganesha. They all apply some liquid to their noses and hands so that they will not get unconscious with the powder. One of them announces that the priest will be doing hawan in some time. He calls all for the same. Meanwhile, Ranbir meets a friend. He starts flirting with her. Prachi gets irked to see him flirting at such occasion. She sees Ranbir going inside with that girl. Shahana misunderstands that Prachi is staring at Ranbir because she likes him. Prachi follows Ranbir to collect proof against Ranbir and show it to Rhea. But Shahana decides to make Prachi accept that she likes Ranbir. On the other hand, Ranbir sees Prachi following him. So he pretends to be talking to a girl over the call and getting romantic. Prachi gets angry. She keeps on following him. The Goons in the Meantime, Threatens the Pandit that if he fails in implementing the plan then they will kill him and his daughter. Than Ranbir is shown entering his room. He pours some talc powder at the entrance of the room as he knows that Prachi will be following him.

Prachi switches on the recorder on her mobile as she wants proof against Ranbir. But while entering the room, she slips from the powder. Ranbir makes fun of her. Prachi still determines to expose Ranbir in front of Rhea. Ranbir than tells Prachi that one day in her life that he is the perfect guy to fall in love with. As Ranbir leaves from there Prachi keeps on thinking that whether he was known that I was following him. In the meantime, Dasi tells Bijee about how Pragya and Abhi held the hanging light and stopped it from falling over the statue of Lord Ganesha. Later on, Dasi gets upset with Bijee. Ranbir arrives there. He pacifies Dasi. Meanwhile, Disha returns Purab’s ring to him. Aliya recollects that Purab had told her to lie that he has given the ring for tightening to the jeweler. Disha asks Purab for the reason he had mentioned his name as her husband on the admission form. Purab tells her that he by mistake had hit her car while taking Aliya to the hospital. So he took both of them to the hospital and in the hurry he made the genuine mistake of writing his name as her husband. Aliya overhears the entire conversation. Alia than decide to try out and implement some other different way to keep Disha away from Purab. The written update of today’s episode of 11 September 2019 Kumkum Bhagya ends here.

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