As Alia prepares to leave, Prachi stops her and informs her that Rhea is not expecting. When Alia inquires about the contents of the report, Prachi responds that she must provide proof to her relatives. Goon captures Rhea and ties her up but Rhea escapes from the room. Rhea, according to Shahana, was also abducted by the Goons and was told to come here. Prachi answers the phone. Prachi invites Ranbir to accompany her.

Rhea says she has a special account and can give them money if there is an ATM nearby. Shahana believes that Rhea is awful since she can’t and won’t intervene to help Mihika. Aryan is asked to stop by Mili, who then shows the receptionist the picture of Shahana. Shahana hasn’t changed her password, but Aryan later believes he can track her using the password he gave her. Given that Shahana didn’t alter her password for Ranbir’s warehouse, Mili is aware that Aryan and Shahana might be in a romantic relationship.

As Rhea handed out the cash, the Goon praised her. To Mihika goes Rhea. Rhea explains to Mihika that she wasn’t there to respond to her queries but rather to thank her for all of her assistance. “Thank you, Rhea,” she claims that “because you are Sid’s sister, you must take the penalty.” She exudes an adieu. Alia’s men get slapped by Rhea for worrying about her. His phone causes her harm, and she flees after stealing it. A human trafficker goes to give the primary member money.