In today’s Kumkum Bhagya episode, Alia asks Rhea if she saw Prachi while she was having a DNA test at the beginning of the episode. Rhea claims not to have seen Prachi there. She queries Alia as to why she is doing so. According to Alia, she thinks Sid and Prachi are joking around with them. Rhea is concerned about what Alia said and wonders what they should do. Rhea is given instructions by Alia, who informs her that they will take advantage of the circumstance.

Prachi is informed by Shahana that Ranbir is going crazy. Prachi inquires as to why. Sid claims that Ranbir believes they are getting married when he arrives. Prachi claims that she previously discussed it with Ranbir yesterday. Sid claims that when Ranbir sees him, he turns into an envious boyfriend. The arrow is already out, according to Prachi, so there is nothing they can do. Now, adds Prachi, they will confront them head-on. According to Prachi, this day is crucial for them. Shahana is instructed by Prachi to keep an eye on the door and to ensure that Rhea’s reports don’t end up in the wrong hands when they arrive. Prachi also tells them that it is everyone’s duty to ensure Mihika’s safety.

Prachi wants to frighten Rhea into making a mistake. Rhea is reminded of Alia’s statement that Prachi and Rhea played a game with them. Rhea and Prachi compete against one another. After the Sangeet, Rhea promises to force Prachi and Sid to wed. Rhea is challenged by Prachi, who promises to reveal Rhea’s truth in the Sangeet.

As Aryan and Minni converse happily, Shahana observes. She is greeted by Stanley. Stanley inquires about Shahana’s relationship with Aryan. No, says Shahana. Minni is greeted by Shahana. For telling Aryan to invite her, Minni praises Shahana. Aryan speaks highly of Shahana, according to Minni, who also praises her. Shahana responds to Minni’s remarks. From there, Aryan departs, and Minni pursues him.

Pallavi is seen by Rhea, who compliments her and calls her beautiful. Pallavi claims to be quite thrilled today and claims to have called all of the reporters who published negative stories about Sid and Prachi. Pallavi claims that she will introduce Sid and Prachi as a soon-to-wed pair. Pallavi said it will be like receiving a face slap from the reporters if they publish this in the newspaper.

If Mihika arrives or not, Sid asks Pallavi. Pallavi is informed by Rhea that Mihika was unable to attend due to her poor health. Then, according to Sid, he must visit Mihika because she is ill. Mihika is not too ill, according to Rhea. Then she needs to come here, Sid replies. Pallavi requests that Rhea call Mihika because she agrees with Sid. Alia is joined by Mihika. Rhea receives an apology from Alia for bringing Mihika here. There is no necessity, claims Rhea. Thereafter, Rhea departs. Alia cautions Mihika that if she is 5 feet away, she knows what will happen. What is Alia talking about, Sid queries? Alia then departs.

Getting ready for the Sangeet is Prachi. She loses one of her earrings. Prachi tries to locate her earrings. Prachi is questioned by Ranbir about what happened. According to Prachi, she is looking for her earrings. Ranbir makes a help offer. When Ranbir and Prachi discover the earring, they simultaneously touch it. Prachi and Ranbir trance out as they stare into each other’s eyes.