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In Kumkum Bhagya written update 10th march 2020 episode Abhi calls Vikram and tells him he will talk to Chaubey. Abhi and Pragya have flashbacks about their holi celebrations together. Kohli’s invite Chaubey’s family for holi celebration.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update 10 March 2020: Abhi and Pragya miss each other

The episode begins with Alia calling Abhi but not getting in touch with his as his US investor is unwell. Alia thinks that she should have been able to tell Abhi how Rhea feels about Ranbir. Alia tells Meera to pack Rhea’s bags and informs her that Abhi will be back tomorrow. Alia thinks of how she should handle the Ranbir’s engagement case and Rhea. Aryan while driving says that now that the wedding is fixed he will stitch sherwani and Kohli’s hit him. He says fine I’m against this wedding. Prachi hugs Pragya and she asks what happened. Prachi tells what happened at the engagement venue. Sarita ben says Prachi did what Dimple was supposed to do but destiny ditched them as Dimple did and narrates everything. Prachi blames herself for Ranbir’s engagement to Maya. Pragya asks didn’t Chaubey get angry after unveiling the drama. Sarita ben says he forgave and invited them for holi and Pragya should also accompany them as this would be the last chance to break the engagement. Pragya says she won’t and Prachi tells Sarita ben that Pragya doesn’t celebrate Holi.

Kohli’s return home but Alia tells Ranbir to not worry and they will handle it. Abhi calls Vikram and shouts at him saying by he returns Vikram will have 2-3 grandkids and Abhi tries to calm him by making fun. Pallavi and Beeji say if Ranbir gets married to Maya they will leave the house. Abhi asks everybody to stay calm. Abhi tells them that he got busy because of the investor’s health concerns. Abhi tells Vikram to call Chaubey for holi and Abhi would explain him in his style. When Ranbir asks whether he will celebrate he says no, he will just talk to Chaubey.

Pragya thinks that she played holi only with Abhi and so did he. She can’t think of holi without Abhi. Meanwhile, Abhi also thinks the same that without Pragya he doesn’t even remember colours. Both of them have flashbacks from past holi celebrations. Both of them think the same things that Holi means each other to them and they won’t play without each other. Both of them get emotional and Pragya thinks will they ever play holi together again.

Alia tells Vikram to call Chaubey and invite him for holi but he says Ranbir should do it as Chaubey might doubt Vikram. Ranbir says he won’t call. Ranbir says every time he talks to that family something wrong happens. Pallavi calls Chaubey and invites them for holi but he says that holi will be celebrated at their place only. Pallavi says the engagement happened quite quickly and their relatives were not informed so they wanted to make an announcement and have a small function. She says that if he doesn’t want then they won’t have it. Chaubey gets manipulated and accepts the invitation. Ranbir calls Prachi and invites her and her family for holi at his place. Prachi is worried so Sarita ben asks Prachi to convince Pragya to accompany them for holi party so everything can go well.

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