In Kumkum Bhagya written update 12th March 2020 episode Prachi stamps on Maya’s lehenga and she falls. Pragya and Meera talk about their special ones and Abhi hears Pragya’s voice. Pragya comes up with a plan to get a confession from Maya.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update 12th March 2020: Pragya comes up with a plan

The episode begins with Prachi and Ranbir dancing. Maya enters and find’s Prachi in Ranbir’s arms. Pragya enters the kitchen where Meera is thinking about Abhi. Pragya asks her if she has someone special and Meera says she is behaving stupidly. Pragya says it is completely normal when you are in love. Meera says is it all over her face, to which Pragya is about to say that one who is in love understands but quickly says she understands. They greet happy holi to each other and Meera says why don’t you have any colour on you. She says the one she used to play holi with isn’t near her and all colours seem colourless without him. Abhi asks the waiter about Vikram and then Meera. Abhi sees colours and thinks colours bring joy but without you, they don’t mean anything. Chaubey’s come and exchange holi greetings with Kohli’s.

Aryan and Ranbir run away from Maya and she follows them. Prachi says she has to stop Maya from going near Ranbir. Prachi stamps on Maya’s lehenga and she falls. Prachi says how did you fall and Shahana adds, your standards are already fallen how more will you fall. Prachi picks her up and says we need to call the doctor. She says she doesn’t need one and says she will apply colour to Ranbir. After she leaves Ranbir and Aryan come and tell her how she made her fall. Ranbir says you don’t seem but are naughty. Shahana, Aryan and Ranbir tease her saying is there any more fun. She says she gets crooked with crooked people. Ranbir says ‘tedhi hai par meri hai’. Maya hears all of their conversations.

Pragya speaks to Meera about her special one and how notorious he was and especially on holi. Meera says her special someone is exactly opposite, calm and composed. But he is very nice and one will fall in love in the first meet. Pragya says her loved one talks rubbish all the time. Abhi hears Pragya’s voice and just then something falls on her saree. Meera rushes out to get soap and Abhi asks her if Pragya is in. She says no but he says he heard her. He enters the kitchen but Pragya bows down to clean her saree. Abhi leaves and Pragya also exits the kitchen and meets Meera on the way and says it fine now.

Beeji and Maya’s mother speak and Sarita ben comes there and asks what they are talking. Beeji says Maya’s mother is allergic to colours, just then Sarita applies colour to Maya’s mom. Sarita ben fools Beeji and applies colour to her as well. Meera tells Pragya she feels hurt because her special one isn’t able to forget his love. Pragya says everybody has the right to love. Beeji takes away Meera. Pragya hears Maya speaking to Chaubey on a call that Prachi is trying to create distance between her and Ranbir. Pragya tells Ranbir and Prachi that she has a way through which Maya will confess the truth. Pragya tells them to make Maya drink bhaang and then in the intoxicated state Maya will say the truth and Prachi should record it. Vikram tells Abhi Chaubey is here and Abhi says he felt Pragya was here. Prachi and Ranbir argue about who will give the drink to Maya. He tells Prachi he will take Maya to Vikram’s room, but Prachi should reach there first and shoot the video. They argue again. Ranbir goes to Maya and her mom, makes small talk and tells her mom that Chaubey is calling her. Ranbir takes Maya with him and asks the waiter to get Bhaang in his room. Sarita ben asks Pragya how can she be such a sensible mother, serious and naughty both. Sarita ben asks Pragya why she doesn’t play holi and does she likes to play holi with her husband who isn’t around.

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