In Kumkum Bhagya written update 16th March 2020 episode, an intoxicated Ranbir dance with Maya and Prachi. He later confesses his love for Prachi and asks her if she loves him back. Drunk Maya tells Ranbir she will file a false rape case if he didn’t marry her.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update 16th March 2020: Ranbir confesses his love for Prachi

The episode begins with Ranbir drinking bhaang and dancing with Maya and Prachi. Pallavi makes Maya drink bhaang. Vikram and Abhi follow Chaubey to talk to him. However, he sleeps as he is high with bhaang. Abhi is irritated as he neither spoke to Pragya and nor Chaubey. Pragya recalls the colour incident and Sarita ben’s words. Abhi and Pragya dance and apply colour to each other, however, it turns out to be Pragya’s imagination. Meanwhile, Prachi takes Ranbir to a room and argues for ruining the plan and dancing with Maya. Prachi asks him if he loves Maya. An intoxicated Ranbir confesses that he loves Prachi and asks her if she loves him back. Prachi remembers their moments together and leaves.

She recalls Ranbir’s words and hugs Pragya. Pallavi asks Prachi about the plan and says they made Prachi drink bhaang. She asks can she make Maya confess the truth, now that Ranbir is also drunk. Prachi talks to drunk Maya and tells her she is taking her to Ranbir. Maya tells Prachi that she has seen her getting close to Ranbir as she loves him. She takes Maya to Ranbir’s room and goes out to see if anybody is around. Just then Ranbir wakes up and asks Maya why she charged him with molestation, meanwhile Prachi records their conversation. She says he didn’t but he has to marry her. Ranbir says he won’t because he loves Prachi. He says that over and over again. Maya says he will regret that because she will file a false case against the entire family and everybody will land up in jail. She says she will file a false rape case against Ranbir and tell the police that he raped her because her family asked him to. He tells her to do whatever and leave. Eventually, Maya and Ranbir both pass out. Prachi gets the recording enough to prove Ranbir innocent.

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