In Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 18th March 2020 episode everybody thinks that Chaubey’s robbed the memory card with Maya’s confession. Aryan asks Alia whether she took the memory card but she manipulates him. Prachi blurts out to Shahana that Ranbir proposed her.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update 18th March 2020: Prachi is shocked to know about the missing memory card

The episode begins with Sarita ben waking up Ranbir. In the living room, Prachi tells Pallavi and Beeji that she got Maya’s confession and Pallavi tells it to Alia. Pallavi scolds Ranbir for having Bhaang. Pallavi scrolls through Prachi’s phone but doesn’t find the video. Aryan checks the phone and says there is no memory card. Prachi says she is sure there was a memory card and all the videos and pictures got saved in it. Beeji asks her if she handed her phone to anybody but she says no. Beeji says Chaubey might be the one who took the memory card. Pallavi says he is drunk and sleeping. Shahana says somebody might be keeping a watch on Prachi. Prachi also agrees that she felt somebody followed her. Prachi remembers that her phone was away from her for 2 minutes. Alia gets a call and says Prachi did a great job and leaves.

Alia speaks to herself that Maya and Ranbir’s wedding can break later, but she has to stop Prachi and Ranbir getting close. Aryan asks Alia that she robbed Prachi’s memory card. Ranbir tells Prachi she did her best but she says that his family will be upset with her again. She apologizes to Pallavi and Beeji. Beeji and Pallavi say that it’s not her mistake. Sarita ben also says she felt somebody is watching them. As Prachi is about to leave Ranbir says bye but she blames Ranbir and he gets thinking why she is angry. Pallavi and Prachi ask Prachi to calm down.

Alia tries to manipulate Aryan that she would never do this to Ranbir. But Aryan says he saw her with Prachi’s phone. She asks Aryan for a reason that she would do that to Ranbir’s family. Alia emotionally manipulates Aryan and he apologizes to her. Shahana asks Prachi why she flicked Ranbir’s hand and Prachi recalls Ranbir’s proposal again. She says nothing happened. Shahana asks her questions but she says she needs to sleep. Shahana says Prachi proposed Ranbir and he denied so she is angry. Prachi says there is no connection between Ranbir and her. Shahana says that Ranbir is handsome, fair, will keep her happy. They continue arguing. As Shahana continues teasing her, Prachi blurts out the Ranbir proposed her.

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