Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update 4th March 2020: Sarita’s Mindblowing Idea To Stop Maya-Ranbir Wedding | IWMBuzz

In Kumkum Bhagya written update 4th March 2020 episode Sarit Dadi comes up with an excellent idea to stop Ranbir’s wedding. Everybody at Kohli house is worried. The fake wife of Ranbir arrives at Prachi’s house.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update 4th March 2020: Sarita’s Mindblowing Idea To Stop Maya-Ranbir Wedding

The episode begins with Prachi being sad, so Ranbir asks her the reason. She tells him that after his marriage to Maya she won’t let them meet or talk. Ranbir tells her, that Maya and he won’t get married and even if they do, their friendship will never be affected. He thinks that he wants to be with Prachi only and nobody else. They go to Prachi’s house and tell her family that their planning to get a confession from Maya failed. He tells them how he is trapped with Maya and Chaubey and has no option to get out of the mess. Sarita gets an idea inspired by a film that Ranbir has fake a marriage and on his wedding day the fake wife can come with the wedding proof to the venue and his marriage will break. Ranbir loves the idea. Pragya says who will be the fake wife to which Sarita says there is a girl nearby their house and they will also call women from NGO to get help. Ranbir and Prachi feel relived and Ranbir leaves after hugging Sarita dadi for her brilliant idea.

Alia visits Kohli’s and tells them that they have to fight Maya’s father. She calls a lawyer who says that the case is in their favour and Mr Chaubey has to go to jail. They see the video together where Ranbir tells Maya to marry him. The lawyer asks them to delete the video as it can change the case completely. They tell the lawyer that Chaubey has the video. He tells them that Chaubey is a politician and he can do anything. They ask for a way out, but the lawyer says even if Ranbir denies to get engaged Chaubey can go to the court and show the video and Ranbir has to marry Maya in any case. Ranbir says the only way is when Maya and her dad breaks the relation with Ranbir. He leaves and the family can’t think of any way to get out of the mess. Alia asks Vikram to arrange a meeting with Chaubey’s senior.

Dimple who is supposed to be the fake wife comes to Prachi’s house. Ranbir makes fun of Dimple that he has to ask her parents her hand for marriage. Shahana helps Dimple get ready. Prachi gets jealous as Ranbir tries to act friendly with Dimple and Ranbir tells her she looks cute when jealous.

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