In Kumkum Bhagya written update 9th March 2020 episode, Kohli’s get happy that the engagement is about to break but Chaubey is adamant. Maya unveils Prachi’s face and everybody recognizes her. Eventually, Chaubey forces the engagement.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update 9th March 2020: Maya Unveils The Mysterious Girl

The episode begins with Kohli’s not accepting the marriage but Ranbir saying he accepts his marriage to the village girl. Ranbir tries to convey Pallavi that its a drama but she doesn’t understand. Eventually, she understands and says that our happiness lies in your happiness. Everybody is about to leave but Chaubey stops them and says Ranbir’s will marry Maya only. Just then the NGO women arrive. Maya and her mother tell the NGO women that they can’t force them. Prachi says they should at least believe Ranbir. She says she fasts for Ranbir and she won’t let Ranbir go. Maya’s mother says she has to speak face to face. Beeji and Pallavi try to cover it up. As they start to leave Chaubey stops them. He says that nobody can stop Maya’s marriage to Ranbir. The NGO women say that its illegal to have two wives and it would be an injustice on the other girl. Prachi says that she is poor and has only a husband, their daughter will get anybody else as she has everything. Beeji says nobody can take away her right. Maya and her mother go to a room and her mother asks her to call off the wedding because she doesn’t want a curse from the girl. Shahana hears them. Maya doesn’t want to but her mother explains her. Just then Chaubey enters and says it’s about their prestige and he will die but won’t let his prestige down.

On the other hand, Kohli’s, Aryan, Sarita ben and Prachi all wish that the relation between Maya and Ranbir breaks and all are happy with Prachi’ acting. While they thank the NGO women, Shahana enters and says that Chaubey is adamant about the wedding. Everybody move to the banquet hall. Chaubey says that if Maya and Ranbir get married he will take care of the girl and the wedding is about his image. If the wedding breaks, it will affect his election results and he won’t let that happen. He says that he has his brothers son who will marry the girl and Maya and Ranbir can get married. Ranbir says he can’t let that happen. Maya says that her father is giving a solution. He says they can’t force him and says he is already married. Maya calls him a cheater and says she won’t let him be with the illiterate girl. She runs and unveils Prachi’s face. Prachi regrets coming there.

Pragya returns home and doesn’t find anybody home. At the engagement venue, Chaubey and his wife recognise Prachi and says that she isn’t a helpless woman, she is Ranbir’s friend and its a plan. Prachi says that why is he forcing the engagement when nobody wants it. Chaubey asks her to leave as she is Maya’s friend and warns the NGO women that he could cancel their licence. He further says that because he is happy he isn’t doing anything like that and the engagement will happen. Pallavi calls Alia and tells her to bring Abhi to the engagement venue. However, Chaubey forces the engagement and invites everybody for Holi.

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